After the incident, Vettel leads, ahead of Hamilton. And the Red Bull was keeping its rear tyres alive longer than either the Mercedes or Ferrari. Hey @HaasF1Team, can you make sure to put in a crazy fight against BOT? You can see our setup for the Belgian Grand Prix here, but remember that your own driving style, control type, and level of assists used may result in a few tweaks being necessary. Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix official website. Race Verstappen was by now more than 16sec adrift of the lead, but his times through the fast sweeps of sector two despite that tiny rear wing were very impressive. Formula 1 2018 Johnnie Walker Belgian Grand Prix The expectation as the cars queued up at the end of the pitlane for Q3 was that there’d be time to do a single slick-tyred lap, two at a push. Telefon : +32 87 22 44 66 Bottas makes it past Stroll, and is chasing down Sirotkin for 10th, the final points position. August 26, 2018 We have a major crash around the first turn, with Fernando Alonso’s car going airborne! After the safety car came in at the end of lap 4, Vettel led every lap to take his fifty-second victory, Ferrari's first win at the circuit since 2009. With his future undecided it was a timely reminder of Ocon’s ability. GP Racing Stats claims no rights to these data. Practice 1 But now he was in the vulnerable position Hamilton had been, punching the hole in the air that his pursuer could take advantage of when they were all let loose again. Mercedes haven’t cracked Ferrari’s code over the summer – and so we have a championship run-in with the behind-on-points driver in the faster on-form car. This double-apex left-hander is simply known as "Pouhon". The Renaults later took fresh engines and so started from the back. “Grazie for getting the package ready,” said Sebastian Vettel to his team after his dominant drive at Spa took him past Alain Prost’s 51-win marker, “Grazie gruppo motori.”. And, of course, we have the battle for the championship between Hamilton and Vettel, with the Constructors’ Championship coming down to Mercedes and Ferrari, with the former having just a 10-point lead. Later, pictures surfaced showing the halo cockpit protection on Lecler’s car with serious damage done to it by Alonso’s car. Sie ist mit Großbildschirmen ausgestattet, damit Ihnen nichts vom Rennen entgeht. Hamilton, the current leader in the Drivers’ Championship, starts one spot up on his biggest challenger, Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari. Both of them will start ahead of a surprising pair: the Force India cars of Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez. Hamilton, from the inside line pole had given him, was able to fend off the faster-accelerating Ferrari of Vettel, squeezing him tight left before turning in.