Rina Bassist. According to the same source, the reason why this diagnosis of cirrhosis could not be made available was that, in the mind of the general public, cirrhosis is generally associated with the consequences of alcohol abuse. [31] Another "senior Israeli physician" claimed in an article in Haaretz that it was "a classic case of food poisoning", probably caused by a meal eaten four hours before he fell ill that may have contained a toxin such as ricin, rather than a standard bacterial poisoning.

Palestinian officials expressed regret that the news about Yasser Arafat was "filtered" by her. You'd want to test the body. El Al is not the only Israeli carrier in turmoil over the current economic crisis. أبو عمار", "New Arafat medical file released in death probe", "Family: Platelet disorder killed Arafat", "Yasser Arafat a-t-il été assassiné? If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! In March, the company warned of imminent collapse if the government didn’t step in. As it passed the tribune, Islambouli forced the driver at gunpoint to stop.

The scientists also appear to have been restricted by the Russian Foreign Ministry in how to present the report. Diabetes is among the top three causes of death in Israel, unlike in most of the Western world, and is getting worse. In October 2010, an official press release from the Institut de Radiophysique, where those items were analyzed, had stated that: "an unexplained quantity of Polonium-210 has been detected on the personal effects of Mr. Arafat. "[38][39], On Newsnight on UK TV on 21 January 2016, during a feature on the 2006 assassination of Alexander Litvinienko, George Galloway claimed to have been with Yasser Arafat in Paris when he died of polonium-210 poisoning. Suha stated, "They are trying to bury Abu Ammar [Arafat] alive". [65], On 6 November 2013, Al Jazeera reported that the Swiss forensic team had found levels of polonium in Arafat's ribs and pelvis 18 times higher than normal, and were 83% confident that polonium poisoning had occurred, but Professor Bochud disagreed with this interpretation by Al Jazeera and only stated that the poisoning hypothesis by polonium was "moderately supported". Israeli authorities approved the sale of almost 43% of Israel’s national carrier El Al to 27-year-old Eli Rozenberg, whose American father critics say is behind the purchase. He was one of three original cast members to lend their voice talent to the popular 2006 video game based on the film. Al-Kurdi also lamented that Arafat's widow Suha had refused an autopsy, which he said would have answered many questions regarding cause of death. [21], For an account that uses this version of events, look at, "1981 Year in Review: Anwar Sadat Killed", 1979: Israel and Egypt shake hands on peace deal, "30 years later, questions remain over Sadat killing, peace with Israel", "Three ladies in Cairo. [62][63][64], Publication of the results of the studies was delayed, reportedly on the request of the Palestinian Authority, which feared they could have negative impact on the peace talks.

In Cairo, while still a teenager, Arafat began smuggling weapons to Palestine to be used against the Jews and British, the latter of which had an administrative role in the Palestinian lands. Fax: 972-3-561-3699 However, Shaath recently stated in "The Price of Kings", a documentary on Arafat's leadership, "I have no doubt that he was assassinated. © 2020 Biography and the Biography logo are registered trademarks of A&E Television Networks, LLC. [94] Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Israel Radio that killing Arafat "is definitely one of the options" under consideration by the government. [67], Arafat's widow Suha stated her belief that he was a victim of a "political assassination" but refrained from finger-pointing and said she would await the French forensic results. According to them, the conclusions that are based only on Bayes analysis are not valid as they are not documented with figures. [29], In 2004, Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath said after talks with Arafat's French doctors that they had "ruled out completely poison". At first, Sadat was succeeded by Sufi Abu Taleb as Acting President of Egypt for eight days until 14 October 1981, when Sadat's Vice President, Hosni Mubarak, became the new Egyptian President for nearly 30 years until his resignation as a result of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images. The team analysed 38 samples of Arafat's clothes and belongings and 37 reference samples which were known to be polonium-free. [86], At the end of June 2016, a French Court of Appeal confirmed the previous conclusions.

Rozenberg had apparently anticipated these apprehensions. [19] Meanwhile, al-Kurdi called for the creation of an independent commission to carry out investigations concerning Arafat's suspicious death, stating, "any doctor would tell you that these are the symptoms of a poisoning". Yesterday, Israel's discount-supermarket mogul Rami Levy together with businessman Shalom Haim submitted a 70 million-shekel ($20.4 million) bid to purchase the airline. Other authorities, including a Russian medical investigation team called to the case, have maintained that they believe Arafat died of natural causes. [5] Previously sympathetic to Sadat's attempt to integrate them into Egyptian society,[6] Egypt's Islamists now felt betrayed, and publicly called for the overthrow of the Egyptian president and the replacement of the nation's system of government with a government based on Islamic theocracy. Three years later, the Six-Day War erupted, with Israel once again pitted against the Arab states. Chief strategist of El-Jihad was Abbud al-Zumar, a colonel in the military intelligence whose "plan was to kill the main leaders of the country, capture the headquarters of the army and State Security, the telephone exchange building, and of course the radio and television building, where news of the Islamic revolution would then be broadcast, unleashing—he expected—a popular uprising against secular authority all over the country. Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1929, Yasser Arafat was sent to live with his mother’s brother in Jerusalem when his mother died in 1933. [16][17] One of the attackers was killed, and the three others injured and arrested. Telephone: *2421 * Extension 4 Jerusalem Post or 03-7619056 Fax: 03-5613699E-mail: subs@jpost.com
Sadat stood to receive his salute (Anwar's nephew Talaat El Sadat later said, "The president thought the killers were part of the show when they approached the stands firing, so he stood saluting them"),[14] whereupon Islambouli threw all his grenades at Sadat, only one of which exploded (but fell short), and additional assassins rose from the truck, indiscriminately firing AK-47 assault rifles into the stands until they had exhausted their ammunition and then attempted to flee. False peace will not last. Eventually expelled by King Hussein, however, Arafat moved the PLO to Lebanon, and PLO-driven bombings, shootings and assassinations against Israel and its concerns were commonplace events, both locally and regionally, notably with the 1972 murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. [48] However, the government scientific body later denied that it had made any official statement about the research, saying only that it had handed its results to the Russian Foreign Ministry. [1] His condition deteriorated with acute renal failure, and, on 3 November, he lapsed into a gradually deepening coma. Gurvitz and Sapir left 27-year-old Eli Rozenberg the sole bidder. In November 2013, researchers in Switzerland released a report revealing that tests conducted on Arafat's remains and some of his belongings support the theory that the late Egyptian leader was poisoned.

Members of the Group's "Majlis el-Shura" ("Consultative Council")—headed by the famed "blind shaykh"—were arrested two weeks before the killing, but they did not disclose the existing plans, and Islambouli succeeded in assassinating Sadat.[13]. By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN . Cancer (Illustrative) France opens Arafat murder enquiry: sources, "French Experts Say No Foul Play in Arafat Death", Arafat was not poisoned, French prosecutor says, http://www.almanar.com.lb/english/adetails.php?fromval=1&cid=22&frid=22&eid=229052, http://staging.hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_FRANCE_ARAFAT_DEATH?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-06-24-03-56-31, "Al-Qodwa: 'Arafat Died By Poison, Israel Responsible'", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cause_of_Yasser_Arafat%27s_death&oldid=982114780, Articles with incomplete citations from February 2017, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from February 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 07:38. Several of the Arafat samples were notably more radioactive than the controls, but not all. But when his medical situation was really deteriorating, they chose not to call me at all", and Arafat's wife, Suha, refused to allow him to visit Arafat in the private Paris hospital where he was being treated. [59] On 8 August 2012, Swiss experts were invited to the West Bank to prepare for the examination of Yasser Arafat's remains to investigate possible poisoning. [36] A leader of Fatah and a nephew of Arafat said that an investigation indicated a "high possibility of poisoning" but that there was not any proof. [27][28], A report by the French doctors who treated him states that a platelet disorder caused Arafat's death. Soleimani's death would double "resistance" against the US and Israel, he added. Israel needs a national carrier that can show its best side and get people to and from Israel with the level of service, style and sophistication that a powerful country like Israel deserves.".
In the years since his death, conspiracy theories regarding the true cause of Arafat's demise have abounded, many holding Israel responsible. "[35], In 2011, Abu Sarif alleged that an investigation conducted by "the most prominent forensic toxicology expert in the UK" had revealed that thallium was responsible for poisoning Arafat. Much like Rozenberg, Levy has no prior investment or business experience in the airline industry. The Jerusalem Post Customer Service Center can be contacted with any questions or requests: There's Polonium." [33], As a result of Abu Sharif's allegations, the delegates at the August 2009 Fatah convention in Bethlehem voted for a resolution which blamed Israel for poisoning Yasser Arafat. The resulting peace process led to the Oslo Accords of 1993, which allowed for Palestinian self-rule and elections in the Palestinian territory (in which Arafat was elected president). He said news accounts during Arafat's illness made him strongly suspect that Arafat had AIDS.