Additionally, Eve's utility as a personal assistant to Margo early in the film, which is a subtle construct of a same-sex intimate relationship, is decried by Birdie, the same working-class character who immediately detected the theatricality in Eve's story about her "husband." This is a very strong category. [46] The production is notable in that Mary Orr, of The Wisdom of Eve, played the role of Karen Richards. [9] Davis, who had recently ended an 18-year association with Warner Bros. after several poorly received films, immediately accepted the role after realizing it was one of the best scripts she had ever read. When AFI named Bette Davis #2 on its list of the greatest female American screen legends, All About Eve was the film selected to highlight Davis' legendary career. He suggested diluting Birdie Coonan's jealousy of Eve so the audience would not recognize Eve as a villain until much later in the story. She’s great in the part but the part is not very complex and doesn’t give her much room to show any flexibility. The film has been selected by the American Film Institute for many of their 100 Years lists. This was probably the award that the film most deserved. [22] Similarly, Marc Lee's 2006 review of the film for The Daily Telegraph describes a subtext "into the darker corners of show business, exposing its inherent ageism, especially when it comes to female stars.

[6] [7].

In that way, it’s sensitive and complex, but it’s not as good as All About Eve. Birdie is incredibly loyal to Margo while also being almost constantly annoyed and offended by her. Margo Channing (Bette Davis) is one of the biggest stars on Broadway. She’s got claws and she knows how to use them, but she’s also devastatingly human. The film stars Bette Davis as Margo Channing, a highly regarded but aging Broadway star. Whether they were actually involved, or had ever been involved with the Communist Party, and whether or not there was any evidence for their involvement was not really important to HUAC.

When he reveals that he is Norma Desmond’s ex-husband, it’s shocking but it also makes total sense. Furthermore, many of the night’s biggest nominees and winners were in the middle of the political drama. It would be so easy to make Birdie a suspicious, unlikable character, but because of Ritter she’s one of the most lovable. She reasons that Margo has three options: "To continue to work, she can perform the role of a young woman, one she no longer seems that interested in. But it’s Bette Davis who will always have my vote. All About Eve is a 1950 American drama film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and produced by Darryl F. Zanuck. John Huston, nominated for a best director prize for The Asphalt Jungle co-founded the Committee for the First Amendment to oppose HUAC’s targeting of Hollywood entertainers. Two movies have had as much since, but no film has ever gotten more at this point. [25][30], Another important theme of the film, in terms of war politics and sexuality, involves the post-World War II pressure placed upon women to resume "traditional" female roles. Crain was at the height of her popularity and had established a career playing likable heroines; Zanuck believed she lacked the "bitch virtuosity" required by the part and that audiences would not accept her as a deceitful character. Frequently, when she is backlit there are also dust particles in the air highlighting the fact that Norma Desmond has been on a shelf for some time, without any attention. Praised by critics at the time of its release, All About Eve received a record 14 Academy Award nominations and won six, including Best Picture. Would that scene be as memorable without the crowded frame, the backlighting, and the blurring as Swanson approaches? Opened, reviewed Feb. 12, 2019. This one was hard for me, because it’s a pack of great directors. Channing had originally been conceived as genteel and knowingly humorous, but with the casting of Davis, Mankiewicz revised the character to be more abrasive. Eve, who was dining at a nearby table with DeWitt, calls Karen into the ladies' room and, after first appearing regretful, tells her to either ask Lloyd to give her the part of Cora—the lead in Lloyd's next play, Footsteps on the Ceiling—or she will reveal Karen's role in Margo's missed performance. That means she got typecast a lot, for example playing a strongwoman in Adam’s Rib. The Asphalt Jungle has a good screenplay, but many of the characters come off as sort of flat to me. [citation needed]. [45] Several decades later Davis called Channing "the essence of a Tallulah Bankhead kind of actress" in an interview with Barbara Walters. Now, Eve exults, Lloyd will write brilliant plays showcasing her. ... As Margo Channing in All About Eve; Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis was an American actress of film, television and theater. Special Feature: Fox Movietone News: 1951 Academy Awards® Honor Best Film Achievements [1951] [480i] [4:3] [02:30] Apart from the Academy Awards® for ‘All About Eve,’ we also get to see Academy Awards® for other achievements in the film industry. There’s no denying she does a great job at juggling that, but she also spends most of the movie crying and screaming, so the performance is not quite as nuanced as the other actresses in this category. Anne Baxter plays Eve Harrington, an ambitious young fan who maneuvers herself into Channing's life, ultimately threatening Channing's career and her personal relationships. [39], A second radio version of All About Eve starring Tallulah Bankhead as Margo Channing was presented on NBC's The Big Show by the Theatre Guild of the Air on November 16, 1952.
It ran for four previews and 896 performances at the Palace Theatre on Broadway.