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Prosperous meaning in Bengali :… successful in material terms; flourishing financially.You will be successful and 'prosperous' in travels, and family and social life will be good.A wise man once said that a strong middle class is the key ingredient to a 'prosperous' and healthy democracy.All these factors make for a 'prosperous' future for hotels in this country.Today, it's a relatively stable democracy with one of the most 'prosperous' agricultural economies in West Africa.As a result, business there boomed, housing construction soared, and the area became quite 'prosperous' .She was a 'prosperous' merchant and creative free spirit, a poet and a wordsmith.Rather a major problem is that the financial gap between the 'prosperous' and poorer classes has been widening.If they were successful, it supposedly meant they would have a 'prosperous' life together.But in the long term it is difficult to see 'prosperous' patients settling for second-class status.A new 'prosperous' middle class layer has emerged with no roots in the traditional way of life.An inventory taken at the time shows a very 'prosperous' society.But that is difficult, even for 'prosperous' economies like those of Western Europe.What she uncovers is an epidemic of unimaginable proportions within the world's most 'prosperous' nation.However, there can be no doubt that we are becoming more 'prosperous' .And the people became more 'prosperous' , more assertive, more individualist.Returning to the past is not a safe path to a 'prosperous' future.He was born in Moscow, the son of a 'prosperous' tea merchant, and grew up in Odessa.This is just a short note to wish you all a very successful, productive and 'prosperous' New Year.We want to ensure that our children's children inherit an economically 'prosperous' country.His sister Ann was born two years later and the family were reasonably 'prosperous' with the bakery business being successful.The place used to be very 'prosperous' , producing high-quality wheat in ancient times.I would like to wish you all have a very happy, 'prosperous' , wealthy and above all healthy New Year.If we want a 'prosperous' , successful nation the government has to start now and stop tinkering and thieving by stealth.By comparison, it makes even the moribund environmental market look relatively 'prosperous' .Her family lived 'prosperously' in London, largely off her mother's properties in Ireland.We have survived 'prosperously' without the interference of your kind!Umbrella making developed 'prosperously' ; they began to be painted with flowers and landscape scenes of various kinds.But my family had managed to survive; we lived happily, 'prosperously' , until that day.Successfully and peacefully attaining 40 years means that it is now mature enough to effectively tackle and overcome impediments in its path before a mammoth leap to 'prosperousness' .The immigrants to these areas were not seeking a new way of life when they arrived; they expected to continue their old lives, but more 'prosperously' . { bidder: 'appnexus', params: { placementId: '11654174' }},

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