Kentucky's punter Ryan Tydlacka did punt nine times for 398 yards, and it appears Spurrier was being genuine in his praise.

"You can't spell Citrus without the U-T." Savagery: 5, Cleverness: 4.5, Humor: 5, Total: …

SI's Preseason Top 25 Rankings: Alabama Is the Class of College Football, Again. Spurrier was speaking at his 2002 farewell press conference at Florida, and once again found a way to bring an unsuspecting victim into the fray. Still, love the matter-of-factness. Kids from Florida, New Jersey, all kind of places. This one came after Spurrier's South Carolina beat up on Kentucky, 54-3, in 2011. On Florida State: 1.”You know what FSU stands for, don’t you? Spurrier is referring to the 1999 scandal involving Albert Means, which was a pretty ugly ordeal altogether, and this jab did not age well: Spurrier's South Carolina program was smacked with sanctions in 2012 for its own set of recruiting violations. The Ol’ Ball Coach brought his typical brand of down-home Southern charm, and because the SEC is the only conference that matters, we here at The Triangle figured we’d bring you yesterday’s five Spurriest moments as a way to dive back into college football.

The first thing to note about this one is it was true—Manning had led his Tennessee Volunteers to back-to-back Citrus Bowl victories, and he was named the game's MVP in 1997. Creating any sort of objective rating—because this type of rating is obviously 100 percent objective—requires a scale. I said, ‘Well, we select them on, first of all, guys we think represent our university and our football program in a first-class manner, know how to talk to the media, what to say, so forth.’”.

Peyton really wasn't the target here; Tennesse was, as it so often is for Spurrier. His Tennessee-Peyton-Citrus bowl running joke hits every time, partly because the Citrus Bowl has a lame-sounding name.

Who'd they lose to? The new-look SEC began its three-day run of podium sessions, awkward stand-up interviews, and catered turkey subs yesterday in Hoover, Alabama, and the first man up was none other than South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier. “In 12 years at Florida, I don’t think we ever signed a kid from the state of Alabama. It’s nearing the end of July, and in the college football world, that can only mean one thing — MEDIA DAYS! In one sentence, Spurrier manages to indict the very fabric of a fellow SEC blue-blood. Stephen knows how to live. So we decided to rank his all-time best insults.

“Every time some sportswriter asks me how much longer I’m going to coach, I think I need to ask him, ‘How much longer are you going to write?’ What’s the difference?”. That's why this doesn't rank higher on the list, but it's still not often you hear a coach compliment a team's punter after a blowout. “In ’06, we lost a close one to Auburn. Ole Miss to face NCAA in rules violations case on Sept. 11. Spurrier likes to contrast other programs' disciplinary issues with his own programs' model-citizen behavior, a strategy that certainly took a hit after the 2012 sanctions. Steve Spurrier may be retired from coaching, but he's still good for a debatably below-the-belt jab at one of his former rivals. It's remarkably clever (whose mind goes to coloring books when they hear of a fire in a library?) This time, Spurrier, who went 12-20 as a coach in the NFL, was answering a question as to the lack of easy wins in the NFL. “Healthwise, I feel a lot better than I did last year. You know you're married to the savagery game when you're 72 years old, have been retired for two years and interpret a public speaking engagement as an invitation to roast. Spirit of St. Louis: Todd Gurley Is Giving the Rams a Chance to Take Flight, NFL Week 7 Winners and Losers: Panthers and Vikings Are Turning Up the Heat, But Texans Get Barbecued, NFL Week 6 Winners and Losers: The Dolphins Finally Unleash Their Stars and Philip Rivers’s Art Is Desecrated, NFL Week 5 Winners and Losers: Odell Beckham Jr., Von Miller, Jamaal Charles, and More, Sinking Suh, Rising Ware, and a Bargain in Buffalo: Looking Back at the Recent Successes and Disasters of NFL Free Agency, ‘The Grantland NFL Podcast’: Week 7 Review Part 2, ‘The Grantland NFL Podcast’: Week 7 Recap, ‘The Grantland NFL Podcast’: Week 5 Recap, ‘The Grantland NFL Podcast’: Week 5 Preview, We Went There: Clippers-Mavs and DeAndre Jordan Night in Los Angeles, No Messi, No Problem: Neymar Becomes a Superstar, World Series Weekend: Five Questions for Three (or Two) Royals-Mets Games, Derek Jeter's Diary: The Second Half Begins. This is indicative of a hilarious thing Spurrier does: he finds a way to take a totally unrelated question and answer it with a totally unnecessary insult. Had a knee replacement, four surgeries on my right knee.

“Our sports information guy, he said, ‘Coach, this is the first year since you’ve been at South Carolina you brought a quarterback to this media day.’ I said, ‘That’s right, isn’t it?’ Then somebody asked me how I selected my players to come. Spurrier's coaching chops are nothing to be scoffed at—he won six SEC titles and a national championship at Florida—but he might be an even better trash talker, and he showed Wednesday that he hasn't let retirement slow him down.