Academy Award winning actress and director Angelina Jolie has brought the life story of a World War II veteran on the big screen. With his Olympic dream temporarily dashed, Zamperini enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1941. Angelina Jolie plans to direct “Unbroken,” a movie about American hero and missionary Louis Zamperini, the man whose story of grace outshines his athletic prowess and service to our country. 4. He placed eighth in the 5,000-meter run at the 1936 Olympics. "He was a wonderful role model for us," Garris said. This account has been disabled. Cynthia Garris was born in Hollywood, California, USA. After graduating high school, Zamperini set his sights on competing in the 1936 Olympic games. During World War II, Zamperini served as a B-24 Liberator bombardier in the Army Air Corps’ 372nd Bomb Squadron. The collegiate mile record (4:08.3) that he set lasted for 15 years. The Japanese tried to use him as a propaganda tool. Muslim villagers and the imam of the Bugwere mosque have insulted them verbally, with one villager saying in February, Aasiya Noreen, better known as Asia Bibi, has arrived in Canada along with her husband more than six months after being. , Zamperini had the chance to visit Graham again in 2011 at his home in Montreat, N.C. and held a book signing at age 94 at the Billy Graham Library. Japanese corporal Mutsuhiro Watanabe, nicknamed “the Bird” by the POWs, took particular glee in torturing the runner. All Rights Reserved. Only three of the ship’s 11 crewmen survived: Zamperini, pilot Russell Allen Phillips and tail gunner Francis McNamara. "In his last few years, he loved going and speaking on cruise ships and he had a couple of those boys who had grown up and were there.". He met Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. However, that is a rough summation of the very true story of Louis Zamperini, who passed away in July 2014 at the age of 97. Over the next two years, he suffered from disease, exposure, starvation, and near-daily beatings from guards. Speaking of Mutsuhiro, Zamperini would later say he kept a watch out for him “like I was looking for a lion loose in the jungle.”. The Unbroken Curriculum™ is Trade Marked by The Louis Zamperini Foundation Louis Zamperini photograph courtesy of The Daily Breeze. During a subsequent bombing run over the tiny island of Nauru, Japanese Zero fighter planes attacked Zamperini’s B-24, seriously wounding several crewmen and killing one. Louis Zamperini was an Olympic athlete and a US prisoner of war survivor (World War II), who later became a Christian evangelist. Fact Check. Zamperini inspects his damaged B-24 bomber. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. "So what he did was he noticed that Phil prayed a lot on the raft and what we've been told, is if you've ever been brought to your knees by something that happened to you in your life, that everybody will turn to God when they have no place else to turn.