Alternatively, choose to display Tweets from your Twitter home timeline or a Twitter hashtag. 7. Kudos to the SmashBalloon team on a well supported, tightly developed, feature-packed WordPress Plugin. Tweak: Tweet text line height style set to 1.4. The easiest way to verify this is by going back to the Settings page for the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin and clicking the big blue Twitter login button on the « Configure » tab to get new Twitter access tokens. New: JavaScript file added to the source of the page only when the Custom Twitter Feeds shortcode is used on the page. 6. 1) Once you’ve installed the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin click on the « Twitter Feeds » item in your WordPress menu. – You may be using Twitter access tokens that are not valid – See #1 below Embedding a Twitter feed on your website not only helps improve session time but could also turn visitors into followers. 10) You can use the default WordPress ‘Text’ widget to display your Twitter Feed in a sidebar or other widget area. « Amazing Support and a Great Twitter Plugin – I am using the free version of this Twitter plugin and identified a real problem in the display on my website. We recently released a Pro version which includes some awesome additional features: If you have an issue or question while setting up or using the plugin then please submit a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. They deserve it. All four fields, Twitter consumer token, Twitter consumer secret, Twitter access token, and Twitter access token secret, need to come from the Twitter app that you set up on For example, if you are displaying a Twitter feed from the screenname « smashballoon », go to You can add it to any post, page, or widget, to easily display your Twitter feed in a beautiful Twitter widget. This is the best I have come across  » – @nehavivekpatil, « Excellent plug-in. 9) You can paste the [custom-twitter-feeds] shortcode directly into your page editor. « Everything you’ll need in a Twitter feed plugin – We’ve tried a few Twitter feed plugins across a bunch of our sites, and this one is now our go-to favorite. Save and Publish your webpage with the code and you should have a live, working Twitter feed. Could not authenticate you, Causes: If you receive an error message when trying to display your Twitter Feed widget then you can use the error reference below to diagnose the issue and find the relevant solution. Support on the forum was quick, thorough, and above-and-beyond helpful.

There are tons of customization options, the feed looks great, and… it works! Demandes résolues ces deux derniers mois : Great, easy to use plugin. Excellent support. Fix: Removed debugging code causing issue when saving settings on the « Customize » tab. You can opt-out by simply disabling the setting at: Twitter Feed > Customize > Misc > Enable Usage Tracking. 2.

User feeds and Hashtag Twitter feeds combined), Filter feeds by hashtag, word(s), or remove specific tweets, Autoload more tweets when scrolling to the bottom of the Twitter feed. – You may not have entered your Twitter access tokens or they are not valid – See #1 below, Twitter Error: New: Tweets that are replies to the same Twitter account or mention the same account can be included in the Twitter feed widget by enabling the setting « Always include replies to self in the feed ». Tweak: Added function ctf_init() to easily rerun JavaScript for the plugin.

Tweak: Twitter widgets.js will only be enqueued when « actions » are included in the Twitter feed. New: To help us improve the plugin we have added usage tracking so that we can understand what features and settings are being used, and which features matter to you the most. Tweak: Several CSS changes to make the Twitter feed text responsive with more themes. 7) Once you’ve customized your Twitter feed, click on the « Display Your Feed » tab for directions on how to display your Twitter feed (or multiple Twitter feeds). The extra features available in the Pro version are as follows: You can see the demo of the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro version here, and a video screencast here. « Custom Twitter Feeds (Tweets Widget) » est un logiciel libre. Then raise the « Tweet Multiplier » and test to see if your Twitter feed now displays tweets.

If you like the plugin then please consider leaving a review, as it really helps to support the plugin. Tweak: Non Feeds for YouTube admin notices are removed when viewing settings pages for Feeds for YouTube. Tweak: Changed styling of Twitter media placeholder icons. Customize the logo on the « Style » tab, « Author » area or hide it using the settings at Twitter Feeds > Customize > Show/Hide.