A BFDI was added back into the season in the next episode, "X Marks the Spot".

Location Add BFB related projects only or else it will be removed. He has the ability to recover and kill contestants, replacing the, He can also transport eliminated contestants to an unknown place (referred to as "eternal algebra class" by.

62 Comments. When he and X sometimes talk, they are just different assets used over and over. Four's first appearance was in a 2008 animation by Jacknjellify called X Finds Out His Value along with X, where he helps X figure out his value by factoring out an equation.

Four is a number and the main host of Battle for BFDI. Four Four accidentally calls the team A Better Name Than That "Another Name Than That" in BFB 2, a running gag in the BFDI series whenever Golf Ball can't think up a team name. The BFB doesn't appear to suit any other purpose, though it's apparently delicious, and Gelatin did use it to beatbox.

In FreeSmart Breaks Up, he is an antagonist and does “Brake at Flake” (Cake at Stake), and Pencil was eliminates with 4,595 votes, the “biggest ever”. However, being omnipotent doesn't grant him the ability to give good solutions to the problems which he is faced with all of the time. Current: Bubble • Fanny • Flower • Lightning • Match • Pencil 1 Polandball • Ruby • Snowball. Four standing in the middle of the contestants arguing about the dead contestants. Contents Burngoberrie Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Four was originally a darker shade of blue.

Contestants arguing about the dead contestants.png, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.20.06 AM.png, Bandicam 2017-12-12 15-12-23-830-ihssociigyc.jpg, https://comic-mode.fandom.com/wiki/Four?oldid=9406, He appears to have four fingers on each hand, however, when he is grabbing.

For example, Satomi Hinatsu has announced the release time of BFB 12 on July 10, 2018.

He can understand X, as seen in XFOHV and BFB 3. Four has very surrealistic mannerisms, like being able to deform characters, revive them, screech in order to stun characters, eliminate contestants by sucking them into his head, and shoot white beams to kill them.

Comic Mode Wikia is a FANDOM Comics Community. 15 Comments. Caia-Mei. Four starts the intro in every episode by raising his right arm in a fist. Used by Four and X have terribly animated mouths sometimes. that was a joke. Battle for Dream Island Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Four appears alongside X, another abstract being representing a real-life number, letter, or algebraic variable. Four and X have terribly animated mouths sometimes.

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He suckers Pencil into his head, and after gets shocked by Lightning. A BFB is an object hastily created by Four to serve as a replacement prize to a BFDI.However, the BFB contestants don't seem very enthusiastic about the prize, despite responding positively to it (especially Ruby) in "The Escape from Four".A BFDI was added back into the season in the next episode, "X Marks the Spot".Appearance. (visual edit), A BFB — Golf Ball Owner A BFB is an object hastily created by Four to serve as a replacement prize to a BFDI.

Four and his co-host X first appeared in the 2008 video "X Finds Out His Value". a bfdi. https://burngoberrietvseries.fandom.com/wiki/Four_(BFB)?oldid=9447. "Well, I'm not the one who doesn't know their value. Nine years later, Four and X appear in BFB as the hosts. Four might represent the show's fourth season, although there's no clue of what would happen to him in season 5. 394 Favourites. Four (currently) hello my name is four i have a crush on a girl named leah. 360 Favourites. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Dio vs Four, Megamind VS Four (BFB), Four vs Mokey, Shoutmon vs Four (Completed), Four (BFB) VS Zim However, the creators sometimes announce the release date for the future episode(s) after the voting.