Or I am bugged and can't finish the quest ever ? There are a number of innkeeps that Geralt can challenge to a game of Gwent.For this quest, he must challenge Stjepan at The Alchemy in Oxenfurt, the Innkeep at the Inn at the Crossroads, and Olivier at The Kingfisher in Novigrad.. Journal entry [edit | … My quest "Gwent: Playing innkeeps" is bugged. Anything I … When you enter the room turn right and you'll see a small pouch on top of a cabinet. Close. As with the other Gwent side-quests ‘Gwent: Playing Innkeeps’ require you to track down and play Gwent against a series of three increasingly difficult opponents. Gwent Playing Innkeeps Walkthrough This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Golden Sturgeon Notice board in Novigrad or by challenging one of the participating NPCs. I have read the archived answers, and have tried leaving and coming back, waiting (AFK) for at least an hour, meditating, reloading, and still nothing. Go to the Inn at the Crossroads and talk to innkeeper. Playing Innkeepers – Gwent Quest At all places where there are Inns (big cities in Velen, Novigrad and Skellig) you can often find an Innkeeper, who sells Gwent Cards. I fought the Baron's men. u/junppu. The crossroads innkeep doesn't spawn! Gwent: Playing Innkeeps, quest walkthrough and hints. Is tehre a way to make him reeappear ? The Innkeeper at the Crossroads has disappeared. The quest to beat all inkeeper at gwent shows the crossroad inn as one I have to beat. After I started tracking another quest I went back in in a hunch and he had spawned. Posted by. You receive this quest after the tutorial match in White Orchard. Stjepan is fairly an easy opponent in gwent just be sure to be careful of his Villentretenmerth and Decoy as it can clear your close combat cards if you are not careful.. Be sure to buy all the cards from inkeepers and traders you come across to as it can help you get an edge towards your opponent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He uses the Nilfgaardian Empire deck and will give the Menno Coehoorn card once beaten. 1. 4 years ago. If you want to collect all Cards in the Game for the Collect ‘Em All Gwent Quest you should always buy every card from them when you have the opportunity. Gwent Quest: Playing Innkeeps Tips and Strategies Stjepan. Where are you in the main story? Press J to jump to the feed. This quest will appear in your journal when, after an audience with the Emperor, you leave Vizima Castle and reach Velen for the first time. I have completed fists of fury at the crossroads, but not the Baron's quest-line. Gwent: Playing Innkeeps. Guy disappears for a short time on the bloody baron quest. It's in the small room right of the innkeep . The crossroads innkeep doesn't spawn! I need to play against him in gwent but he's nowhere to be found. This page was last edited on 5 August 2019, at 08:57. Help! All things related to The Witcher... Books, games, TV-series... You name it. I need that Gwent card! The Nilfgaardian Connection Gwent: Playing Innkeeps innkeeper at the crossroads inn disappeared The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PlayStation 4 . He simply disappeared. Macintosh PC Xbox One. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. However, some innkeeps are also rather proficient at Gwent, and have a unique card to play for. Anything I can do?? If Geralt talks to him to find Hendrik: In 1272 he pointed Geralt towards Heatherton, where Hendrik was living. Archived. Weird bug I guess, he isn't there if you have the velen fistfight quests, beat the guy in the fistfight and he appears, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Win a unique card from the innkeep at the Inn at the Crossroads. Like the title says, I can't complete the quest which is slightly infuriating. Gwent: Playing Innkeeps is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.To advance, you must defeat every player in gwent.. Note: For those looking to get the Card Collector achievement, this quest must be completed. My quest "Gwent: Playing innkeeps" is bugged. Game content and materials are trademarks and … Walkthrough. This innkeep runs the Inn at the Crossroads and plays Gwent. Gwent: Playing Innkeeps Stjepan - Oxenfurt (The Alchemy Inn) - Yennefer of Vengerberg Oliver - Novigrad (The Kingfisher Inn) - Tibor Eggebracht Barkeep - Velen (Inn at the Crossroads) - Menno Coehoorn I found the card. Like the title says, I can't complete the quest which is slightly infuriating. For this quest, you must challenge Stjepan at The Alchemy in Oxenfurt, the Innkeep at the Inn at the Crossroads, and Olivier at The Kingfisher in Novigrad.