You can still see the scar to this day. If you have any thoughts on this, just email me back, thanks, From: Previously the tour was held every October in Manhattan, but in 2009 they left the city for unknown reasons and held the haunt in the small town of Abaddon, about forty-five minutes outside the city. Into Conspiracy Theory? From: “Kayin M.” ( The town is called Abaddon as well. And the stories of the dogs and the rubber bullets are true. While following the faint and overgrown trail back to my car, I realized I must have walked about 30 minutes DEEP into a thickly wooded area, which is where I took the majority of these Site images. I have been to the Hell House countless times, during the day and night. Then — it happened. Factory label Scream Factory released the film on Blu-ray. Shortly after the college was closed. and he was like yah im going home and he disappeared behind the trailors and we were like whaaaaat the hell. Anyway, the majority of the outside brick mainly near the windows was charred black, however near the top of the building, front and center recessed in the brick is a small white statue of a virgin Mary, which still appeared to be pure white. Something happened there that someone doesnt want you to know about. Solomon, Aubrey. To: The decrepid Hell House looming in the horizon. Rumors say that he is there guarding the house because kids used to go there and party and were trespassing. I have found both on the internet and have also heard both. There are also a lotta trashes and liquor bottles as local teenagers take the house for partying. To: The property has been taken over and is owned by someone. There is a wide path that goes all the way around the skeletal building. it had a wierd metal pipe sticking from the top of it. Another local legend which is widespeard amongst the local goths punks and witchs down there is of a hanging that took place near a parking lot at the end of college avenue. From: “Fezan Asghar” ( I believe it was the Old St. Mary’s College… cause i vaguely remember something written over a main door. He is no longer there he died. Until next time. She finds a human skeleton chained behind a wall. First off, it was never a girls school. When the car passed along and the front and back windows aligned, it was truly a sight that would make the hardest of skeptics get a bad case of the willies. Yes, they are both colleges and they are both quite creepy, but the stories behind them are quite different. He didn’t turn around and no one saw him after we started running. Plus im going to re watch it today and see if I can find more information on it. I stopped and turned around- nothing. Follow the driveway farther back and you will come up to what looks like and outdoor altar/service area. To: Steve Meyer I only touched the door once, then ran as fast as I could to get away. One, lets call him Steve, went with a group of his friends to visit the house. Date: Monday, February 16, 2004 3:06 PM. He started telling me about this place called,” Hell House” that was located in Ellicott City, Maryland. THIS IS A TRUE STORY / SUPERNATURAL “EVENT” CHRONICLED, It was Friday, July 18th 2014 at 5pm. i didnt really care for being around them so me and my friend and a few other people sort of backed off while a few of our manly boys talked to guys. date: Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 3:09 AM Some say he dies from insanity from being there so long others say he was killed by a random kid visiting there who in a painc shot him (this is very unlikely). Subject: hell house information I have been to St. Mary’s College numerous times, and if you ever get the chance, it is a very interesting place to visit. (1999). It is surrounded by high hills and dense, ancient forest. and good luck on your next visit, From: “Rachael Bassett” ( others say he was just old. on main street in Ellicott City. A second incident occurs a day or so later; this time, she is awake but uninhibited due to alcohol. Now is where details begin to get sketchy, but I will outline fact. Hudson let his dogs loose on the police and they shot and killed both of the rotties. I’m not religious, especially not christian, but i could feel the diffrence here. One incident I will tell you about is the time I went there with my friend and our girlfriends in early January 1998. To: It’s really dirty there are over grown bushes and vines, especially during the summer. I did a lot of research before going to Hell House, the first time being in winter 2016. email me back if you see the weird 2 men or anything else of interest!!! I have recently been looking for some information on it, simply because it is close to home and interestingly creepy! Im not sure if this was actually the old college or the old seminary. From: So today im going to talk about the movie documentary Hell House LLC. Back to the story, we walked towards the little shack and suddenly we heard dogs barking. Walked again, faster this time / looking back over my shoulder – heard the same noise, and realized it was coming from a tree leaf that was trailing me — small and stiff / dry, and clearly the source of the noise. Its just your mind playing tricks on you. There are many stories to that place also, it is located not too far from old st marys college. If you park under the railroad bridge and walk toward the road that has a gate in front, you will see the staircase. It was around eleven at night when we arrived at Hell House. This Historical Site in Ellicott City, MD is Nationally known for its Paranormal / Supernatural Negative and Evil activity — this is what peaked my site exploration curiousity, especially since it was very close to me now – I have a new job close by (about a 10 minute drive), I took the pics of the “Hell House” Site you see on this webpage – the main building I later learned may have been torn down / a safety hazard to say the least. I have been to hell house within the last couple of days. and crossed the train tracks n approached the stairs. I turn to Lisa and ask her : “Doesn’t this seem like the start of EVERY teen horror movie ?? The only story I heard was that the old groundskeeper that was once there (nobody is there anymore) shot at some trespassers and a stray bullet hit one of them. Material Religion Volume 4 Hell House: “Based on In Conversation Issue 3 a True Story!” S. Brent Plate 356 is subtly critiqued by Pellegrini as she states: A horrible feeling came across me and settled in my gut. Date: Thursday, October 28, 2004 3:26 PM. lots of grafitti. There is also a conservatory behind it, where they used to grow plants and things. There are strange hooks on the ceiling and I did feel a little uneasy in here. The Priest started sexually assaulting the nuns. well we all meet up at target and there is 13 total, we did a count so we wouldnt lose anyone. After a fire burned hell house down in 1997 police were called to investigate a skull found in the rubble. there are often ghost tours which never truly show you much but are still interesting. I know this doesnt have much to do with the supernatural part of Hell House…only that strange feeling. Date: Sunday, April 10, 2005 10:19 PM. From: “Lisa Eddy” ( they had these crazy southern accents and were wearing plaid shirts and torn jeans and carrying huge flashlights, and one looked like he had a gun in his pocket, so we were all kind of like ehh. And it seems the farther you walk the more things there are to find. It’s movement was tumbling and rolling along the old, cracked roadway like you would expect a leaf to move on a windy day, but this was the only leaf moving, and it did so in a perfectly straight line centered perfectly to my bodies location on the road. Whenever you search the Abaddon hotel pictures of Hell House pop up. This is not the same factory mentioned on the website.