Also imagine being the WK team and having to spend hours fixing a game (for free) that should have been working in the first place. Hill control is important at this stage. I play mainly Mongols and I tend to do pretty good if the game lasts to Imperial age, but I struggle when my opponent rushes me in Feudal or Castle age. A good Mongols player will be very hard to defeat, but use diversity and the right counters and you can come out victorious. play against this guy:, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. However, if you are finding yourself with trouble against a Franks, Persians, Saracens or Byzantines player, more scorpions than onagers will aid your Mongol army to fight their cavalry. Mangudai have a train time of 21 seconds. But DE matchmaking looks like a disaster to me atm. They are not without weaknesses, though! I guess you are talking about a cavalier as mongols can't make paladins.

Hill Fort: FC into Mangudai is amazing for asserting map control in Castle, which is the most important thing on the map. I would rather push DE to have the improvements on its own than have to make these improvements ourselves. With update 35584, Hunters work 40% faster. I am a decent player, but I never know what units to create first: Mangudai or archers? You can transition into Archers+Fletching at this point and fight for map control, pressuring them if they're trying to FC after a drush or something. This is easier said then done though and something I think most players including me struggle with but mongols get extra scout vision so that helps.
mongols have fully upgraded champs, manugdai + champs should be very good. I like to hit them early. On 3 TCs you just need 18 farms to sustain vil production, plus some extra for upgrades and, eventually, imp.

Posted by 5 … Trirem answered in a post somewhere saying that it is possible to port new civs and balance changes to Voobly, but they haven't done that yet because they don't want to step on MS's foot. First thing you can try doing is stopping the game from going to the imperial age. In this article, I detail the specifics about this great civilization and the tricks under their sleeves. It worked pretty well for me to destrupt enemy eco in early castle age. The new civs and balance, once ported, still require players to actually own DE. Good luck everyone, and have fun playing!! The Mongols receive great bonuses in the early game, giving them an edge to grow faster, prepare for early rushes, as well as being able to rush the enemy. Add speed to these siege onagers and you've got yourself a weapon that can keep up with horses, quickly catch those counter-forces off-guard and evade incoming onager and trebuchet fire. THank you this helps me a lot. I haven't been doing so well on arabia (because I suck at the archers bo) but I've been killing it at hillfort. If hes commited a lot into huskarls I would go longswords. We do not want to fragment the community further between HD, WK, DE and WK DE. Just worse in fights against other units. I'm talking about when I was in castle.My knights+ siege weren't doing anything except snipe a few vils until he got a castle up.I tried to protect my eco with castles but huskarls give zero fucks about castles fire and cost a third of a knight. Become a premium member...... Roguelife Perfectly Average 1v1 Tournament. 1.9k.
I was playing Mongols against hardest Persians and Huns in what turned out to be a Fortress map. Remove ads? Got to imp quicker,went for champs+trebs and basically wiped his main base.But he was able to get to a million champs with the cost reduction and we just kept battling until the entire gold on the map ran out and selling was unreasonable. Husbandry is next, especially when you know your opponents have researched it. When in packs, Mangudai forces can even kill an equal number of paladins, as they can attack first, are faster, and can keep killing a paladin click, after click, after click.

It's crazy and you can do all kinds of stupid shit with them. Guys, just download this new mod called Realms. Another great upgrade for Mongol units. Man I made a mistake with the knight siege push,should've just invested into mangudai. Also ballistics will help you a lot here. The strength of the Mongol armies was the horse archer firing a composite bow from the saddle. Mangudai should not be dying fast.