I've always loved Harris in everything he does, so I knew I could at least look forward to seeing a great actor at work. As if people changed their mind about religion that quickly in real life... And what about that 'saint'? "The Third Miracle", then, is not just about canonizing a dead woman, a holy housewife, but about how these three living players interact and struggle with each other to arrive at their own faith. I ask you to look again. Miracles strengthen one's faith but the visible miracles are more likely to move those who need a sign to believe. A stroke of trickery at the end doesn't spoil the way this film invites us to consider faith as truly an all-or-nothing proposition. The other two miracles were easily proved and witnessed. This is a review for those who saw the film but didn't think it's first rate. The linking of a wayward postulator, Father Frank, searching to legitimize a common woman for sainthood, with his own personal search for God is very effective. Do you believe in a higher diety or not? That's not true and not accurate. The irony of Father Frank is that he was instructed to disprove the very extraordinary acts of faith which he desperately needed to save his own spiritual life. A good story, with great acting and an uplifting ending, the 3rd Miracle is a winner. This interaction is played out so well due to brilliant performances by Anne Heche, Ed Harris, and Armin Mueller-Stahl. "The Third Miracle" leaves us with a similar challenge, how long will it take for us to find that same miracle, that same faith. Not only does he portray a priest, but one that is tormented with reality and his faith in God. Both are plagued with doubts about the faith, and as a result drink too much. Their superiors are either corrupt or evil-or both. Harris was even questioning his own faith, which made it even more interesting. However, it has now become my favourite movie for one reason. Second, the priest is annoyingly indecisive; in one scene he implicitly states the doesn't believe in his religion, then in the next scene he's already praying? In the end he finds it. It's subtle and powerful, and he doesn't play his typecasted villainous role. We know it's fantasy. And it's accepted. The soundtrack to The Third Miracle was released on December 14, 1999. This film is amazingly crafted, well-acted and thought provoking. It brings out great morals about Catholic faith, and faith in God just in general. This is a very different role for him, and one to remember. The fact that the church has refused to recognize the appearances of the Virgin at Medjugorje has done nothing to discourage the crowds of faithful tourists. There's a lot of that going around. And I didn't even make it to the end to know if she was accepted as a saint or not. Father Frank is suffering a crisis of faith when he is sent to investigate the miracles of a woman, the late Helen O'Regan who has been nominated for sainthood, and winds up becoming the greatest advocate for her canonization.
This film was a more than pleasant surprise! Now the woman has been nominated for sainthood. So, pardon the spoiler. The Miracle – A true story”, a timeless book by Leonidas Koumakis, is a shocking testimony, based on the writer’s personal experiences, describing the uprooting of non-muslim populations from Constantinople and Anatolia. Instead, it is about church politics, and about a priest who doubts himself more than his faith. It was a treat watching this movie, being that I haven't checked out any low-budget or indie films in a long time. Instead, it is about church politics, and about a priest who doubts himself more than his faith. Most films fail to capture the time period the story takes place at. Ed Harris did a superb job. We know it's fantasy or at least I thought it was before "W". Metacritic Reviews.