(Page 2) In 1947, he came to the United States to promote the establishment of a rural reconstruction commission. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. Recently Jeremy Lin shared his annual testimony with Chinese Christians virtually as in-person meetings were impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Said Sister Liu Xiuqin, now 72.Liu is a student of Pingliang Church's literacy class. By 1934, the whole county had completed the entire system and the annual cost to each peasant for the service was less than ten cents on a dollar. The Chinese church at that time understood the vast needs of the rural regions in China and actively advocated for 'missionaries for agriculture'. In July 2003, grassroots activists founded the James Yen Institute for Rural Reconstruction in Dingzhou, the site of the MEM's activities before the war. In 1923, Yen and leading intellectuals such as Liang Qichao, Hu Shih, and Tao Xingzhi formed the National Association of Mass Education Movements (MEM). All Rights Reserved, james y teh,  james y tsai,  james yung teh yen,  yun tsai yen james,  yen james,  yun t yen,  yen james tsai,  yun tyen, james lee yuen,  james lee leeyuen,  lee-yuen james,  yuen james lee,  lee yuen james,  james l lee,  yuen wai lee, yen thi mai,  yen mai james,  mai thi nguyen,  yen james, chien kang yeh,  james c weh,  chien jiun james,  chien j yeh,  james chien jiun yeh,  chien bang yeh,  chien ying yeh,  j yeh,  james chien-jiun yeh, james q jeh,  james qing yeh,  james q yeh, jim h yen,  jim s yen,  james hui jan yen,  hui jan yen, teyen hsin,  te hsinte,  te yen,  hsin-te yen,  hsinte j yen,  h yen,  te yen hsin,  hsinte te yen,  yen h te,  hsin j yen,  hsin te yen,  hsin te t yen,  te yen, james s j yen,  james shin-jeng yen,  james shin jeng yen,  james shiu jeng yen, james shenchu yen,  james shen chu yen,  j yen,  yen james,  jim shenchu yen,  yen james shen chu,  yen james shenchu,  shenchu r yen,  yen, jay richardson,  jim richardson,  jame richardson,  james lennox richardson,  james s richardson,  l richardson james, james c n yen,  james ching-ning yen,  james c yen,  james c nyen, james m gstettenbauer,  james m gstettembaue,  james m gstettenbauerdr, joann c yel,  joann chiun chang,  chiun wenyen joann,  joann chiun wenyen,  joann chiun yen,  j c yen,  chiun wen yen,  yen chiun wen,  joann chiun wenyen. For many years Yen's date of birth was given as 1893, but the scholar Sun Enrong found documentation in Bazhong, Yen's birthplace, that he had been born in 1890. What they lacked was education. Educated in Christian missionary schools and then at Yale, Yen began to concern himself with the plight of common Chinese villagers while working with Chinese Labor Corps in France at the end of World War I. While writing letters for them by day and translating news for them at night, he developed a basic Chinese vocabulary of about 1,300 characters.


During a three-day stay at Dingxian, he discovered that his house, where his life work had begun and where he and his wife had brought up their five children, had been converted into a museum with an exhibition of his work in China and around the world. William B. Aldis, who inspired him for the rest of his life. Remarkable achievements were made in controlling smallpox, treating trachoma and skin diseases.

However, the church does not walk the way in which Jesus takes.

in China from 1898-1915.

In 1918, Yen went to France to join in World War I as chief of battlefield services for The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of North America.

Many of his colleagues were overseas Ph.D. and masters degree holders. NeoGenomics acquired Clarient from GE Healthcare in 2015, and his current role is as a scientific liaison with a focus on NeoGenomics’ molecular, FISH and companion diagnostic service offerings. The Global Assembly of Pastors for Finishing the Task holds online from October 13 to 15, featuring how to mobilize churches to cover 5,000 unengaged and unreached people groups. Yen joined Liang Shuming and other independent reformers to form a National Rural Reconstruction Movement which included several hundred local and national organizations. James H Yen. Do your own due diligence on any information you find, especially criminal records. Dr. James Yen is a Senior Scientific Manager within NeoGenomics’ Pharma Services division.

Review terms of service for more information. in Shanghai. The Hunger Project Online Briefing Program, Art, Music, Literature, Sports and leisure, Yan, Yangchu (Yen, Y. C. James) 1893-1990, China Inland Mission Dingxian, Hebei, China and Silang, Philippines, https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/p/index.php?title=Y._C._James_Yen&oldid=955344, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Being a 'missionary of agriculture' does not only improve the life of Chinese peasants but also results in a spiritual harvest. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article

Pan Yanggui, Global Convention on Christian Faith&World Evangelization Held Virtually, Featuring Stephen Tong, World Christian Leaders. They gave up their positions as university principals, their professorships or promotion in the Government by moving to the country to explore ways for rural construction and national wealth to begin.. In 1913, he entered the University of Hong Kong, placing first among all the candidates taking the exam.

Dr. James Yen is a Senior Scientific Manager within NeoGenomics’ Pharma Services division. What is most gratifying is this, that after people had learned to run their own people's schools, their modern farms, their cooperatives, their health clinics, they demanded that they should run their own government.

[3], After earning a master's degree from Princeton University and serving as President of the Chinese Students Christian Association,Yen returned to China in 1921 to head national mass literacy campaigns under the Chinese National YMCA.

Principal Scientist, Associate Scientific Director, CDx Programs, nCounter PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel, DNA Hybridization Capture Target Enrichment, Precision Medicine in the COVID-19 Crisis. After all, what is government for?

A… He reduced the Chinese vocabulary of forty thousand characters to the 1,300 most commonly used characters, and published four readers, which sold for a total of twelve cents. Yen later recalled that at this time he regarded himself not as a "Christian," which implied membership in a church, but as a "follower of Christ," implying a direct relation with Jesus. Elder Zhang Baohua, the current monitor of the literacy class, said that in the middle of September 2008, under the proposal of the fellowship of the Women's Department, the church established the fellowship of literacy class for the elderly and middle-aged illiterate brothers and sisters in the church. The father of American agriculture Kenyon L. Butterfield in his book, 'Rural Church and Rural Issues' pointed out that the church is not only the manager of religious life but should also play an important role in rural construction.

Copyright © 2020 The China Christian Daily , INC. All Rights Reserved, Y. C. James Yen and His Rural Construction Movement, In the history of the Chinese church, the movement of Christians involved in rural construction which developed from the time of the Republic of.

James Yen, Liang Shuming and others to revive the Chinese village.They strove for a middle way, independent of the Nationalist government but in competition with the radical revolutionary approach to the village espoused by Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party In 1985, during a time of reform in China, Yan was invited to visit Beijing. comments powered by

school. In 1923, Yen founded the well-known Association of Promoting Mass Education (APME). In the history of the Chinese church, the movement of Christians involved in rural construction which developed from the time of the Republic of China is worthy of attention. In 1926, the MEM set up a village campaign in Ding Xian (Ting Hsien), a county some 200 miles south of Beijing. Various types of artistic activities were also staged such as singing contests and rural drama societies. In 1940, Chongqing Rural Construction College was established with Yen being the principal. After graduation he went to France to join the work of the International YMCA with the Chinese Labor Corps in France workers who had been sent to support the Allies in World War I. For a while, the idea of Christianity saving China became popular.

Yen developed techniques for rural development that did not depend on central government control, violent revolution, or large infusions of foreign money. Among the volunteer teachers was Mao Zedong. He criticized most missionaries for not being in touch with the realities of China but enthusiastically welcomed the support of those Chinese and foreign Christian organizations which addressed the problems of the village. Is it not an agency for the welfare of the people…To me self-government is the inevitable result of a people who are educated and capable of carrying on their own social and economic welfare (Y. C. James Yen). A variety of materials for civilian education were published, research on rural self-sufficiency was conducted, citizen events were instructed and family education was carried out. His ashes are interred in the Memorial Garden in the IIRR World Center in Silang, with those of his wife. They urged believers to practice love in Chinese society, spread the spirit of Christ throughout the nation, build a Christian society, change the impoverished national situation, and ultimately revive China. The MEM organized campaigns across the country which coordinated volunteer teachers, local leaders, and any available location in order to attract students who could not pay high tuitions. CheckThem does not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. He completed his doctorate studies at UC Irvine studying the mechanism of protein degradation. From October 12 to 14, 2020, Hubei CC&TSPM held Evangelism Explosion Training to equip believers to effectively share the gospel with unbelievers with three parts: building friendship, leading people to the Lord and training disciples. In 1921, Yen returned to China to head a national mass literacy campaign under the Chinese National YMCA. [1], Yen's charismatic speaking style and forceful personality made him attractive to many groups in China as well as many foreign friends.