Da auch noch sein Handy-Akku leer ist, muss er zu Fuß bis zum nächsten öffentlichen Telefon gehen. kann seine Rapperqualitäten zur Geltung bringen. Once Nate and DJ arrive home, Nate gets a phone call from his mother, Glorietta, who disapproves of his marriage to his wife, Dorothy, and the phone call is taken over by Nate's older brother, Mack, who always tries to one up Nate by appealing to their mother's material needs. A look at the Johnson Family Vacation 2 behind-the-scenes crew and production team. [1] Seine Produktionskosten betrugen schätzungsweise zwölf Millionen US-Dollar. They quickly ditch Chrishelle and get back on the road. The critical consensus says, "The poorly crafted Johnson Family Vacation squanders its talented cast in a bland family road comedy that draws unfavorable comparisons to Chevy Chase's Vacation movies. But that shouldn't stop anyone from checking it out on a slow night. He is told that it will take 3 days to remove all the bells and whistles off of his truck. "[6] Roger Ebert felt that Cedric's talents were watered down by the film's "paint-by-numbers" script and Erskin's direction having "style without zing", calling it "a routine cross-country comedy that feels exactly like a series of adventures recycled out of every other cross-country comedy. I wouldn't make it a top priority rental, but don't dismiss it, either. Nate and his family get into their truck, and once he and Dorothy share a reconciling kiss, they head home with no issues. When DJ alerts Nate to what he's done, Nate turns around, not paying attention to the road, and accidentally drives through a construction site, hitting a cement truck, causing wet cement to pour all over the grill and hood of his SUV. Toggle navigation. [2], Der Film erhielt überwiegend negative Kritiken und erreichte bei Rotten Tomatoes eine Bewertung von 6 %, basierend auf 90 Kritiken. The cop arrests all of them, due to Nate littering, and because the cop found Chrishelle's reefer pipe in the back seat. Earl eventually shows up, and after he flirts with Dorothy, he starts working on the SUV, using hair straighteners and other inappropriate tools to fix the problem, although Dorothy tells him they just need gas. 31,2 Millionen US-Dollar ein. "[7] Andy Patrizio of IGN commended Cedric's comedic chemistry alongside Harvey and Williams but felt he didn't work with Shannon's miscast role and the film overall getting bogged down by "a few cases of bathroom humor," concluding that, "[W]hile in the spirit of Vacation, it's not quite on its level. Für die Reise hat er sich extra ein großes Familienauto gemietet und hofft schon damit Eindruck auf seinen Bruder zu machen. Directed by Christopher Erskin. Stan still won't let up, and after Nate threatens to fight Stan, Glorietta says no, then turns around and punches Stan herself. Nate steps in, explains that he is Dorothy's husband, and threatens and scares Stan off. Dabei ruiniert er das halbe Auto, schleppt es aber am Ende bis zum Zielort. Movie Insider ® is a registered mark of The Movie Insider LLC. The driver turns out to be Stan, still stewing over the fact that Dorothy isn't as interested in him as he assumed, and he reveals in front of their whole family that Nate and Dorothy live in separate houses. A follow-up to last year's low-budget comedy that earned more than $31 million domestically, "Johnson Family Vacation 2" is expect . Nate smiles, and runs into the house after Dorothy. Mack and Nate gather with their relatives to pray for the food, but it turns into a competition, and their relatives walk away and began eating without them. Diesen würden Steve Harvey und die „bezaubernde“ sowie „witzige“ Vanessa Williams unterstützen. Check out the below links, may contain affiliate links. While they are locked up, Dorothy assists the officer in writing off his taxes, and in exchange for Dorothy's help, the officer lets the family go. Nate ist aber davon überzeugt, dass dies nun vorbei ist, denn er erklärt hier vor seine ganzen Familie, dass er in Dorothy die beste Frau und Mutter seiner Kinder gefunden hätte, die man sich nur wünschen könne. He eventually relieves himself in a to-go soda cup, and when Nate gets thirsty, he goes for the cup, but smells it, and tosses it out of the window, accidentally hitting a cop on a motorcycle. As the family celebrates, the same semi truck that ran Nate off the highway shows up, barreling through the park, tearing decorations down and almost hitting Nate's relatives. With Cedric the Entertainer, Shannon Elizabeth, Shad Moss, Vanessa Williams. Nate punished her and took away her cell phone. Nate is able to spin his vehicle out of the truck's way, and everyone, including Nate, is visibly shaken up. Der in Los Angeles lebende Nate Johnson ist zwar als Versicherungsmakler sehr erfolgreich, doch in seiner Ehe kriselt es schon eine Weile. Johnson Family Vacation was heavily panned by critics. [4], Keith Phipps of The A.V. Nikki flirts with the indian tour guide, Nate didn't like. A comedy adventure about a misfit family trying to survive outrageous obstacles (includeing each other) on a cross-country trek to their annual family reunion. Der Film spielte in den Kinos der USA ca. Cedric the Entertainer, Vanessa Lynn Williams und das Drehbuch wurden im Jahr 2004 für den BET Comedy Award nominiert. While Nate and DJ wait for the girls to come out, Nikki is locked in her room chatting on her cellphone, while her little sister, Destiny is trying to get in so she can get her stuff for her invisible dog, Sir Barks-a Lot. Wayne Conley is to write the sequel which is a follow-up to last year's low-budget comedy that earned more than $31 million domestically, Johnson Family Vacation 2 is expected to pick up where the Johnsons' holiday ended. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 9. Ihnen zuliebe versucht sie das Bild der heilen Familie aufrechtzuerhalten. Mit dem von Onkel Earl recht futuristisch reparierten Auto tritt Nate mit seiner Familie wieder die Rückreise nach Los Angeles an. Nate Johnson is on a road trip with his family, but none of them are as eager for this bonding experience as he is. [3] The critics gave it a "C−" rating at Yahoo! Der Film wurde in den kalifornischen Städten Bakersfield, Los Angeles und Santa Clarita gedreht. The story revolves around the Johnson family going on a road trip to attend a family reunion in Missouri and the numerous hijinks they occur along the way. Auch am nächsten Tag kann Nate das Verhältnis zwischen ihnen nicht besonders verbessern, da er eine hübsche junge Anhalterin mitnimmt, was Dorothy nicht besonders toll findet. e track upcoming movies through all stages of film production. "[2] The film has a 29/100 rating on Metacritic based on 24 reviews. Obwohl sich Nate so bemüht hat, seiner Mutter die heile Welt vorzuspielen, kommt doch heraus, dass er und Dorothy getrennt leben, auch wenn dies nur für drei Monate geplant ist. Jetzt wird ihm allerdings klar, dass er keine Trophäe braucht, um zu wissen, dass er eine tolle Familie hat und er schenkt Mack den Pokal. Johnson Family Vacation 2 starring Cedric the Entertainer. It received a 6% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 90 reviews, with an average rating of 3.28/10. He pulls up in a drop top car playing classical music, and he tells Dorothy that he reserved a table for them and brought her freshly picked flowers. Daraufhin trennten sich die Eheleute zeitweise; zwei Töchter wohnen bei Dorothy während der Sohn D.J. Dorothy kommt eigentlich nur deswegen mit, weil sie bei ihren Kindern sein möchte. While in the car, all the girls are sleeping, and DJ begs his father to pull over because he has to relieve himself due to drinking so many sodas. Nun steht das traditionelle Familientreffen in Missouri, bei Nates Mutter Glorietta an, was ihm sehr wichtig ist, denn er liegt mit seinem Bruder im Wettstreit um die Familie des Jahres. Seine Familie lässt er im Auto zurück, wo überraschen Onkel Earl auftaucht und zu helfen versucht. When it is time for Nate and DJ to leave, it is revealed that Nate is separated from his wife, Dorothy, and she lives in a different house down the street, as well as their two daughters, Nikki and Destiny. The family stops at Bun World for lunch, and Destiny's birthday celebration, and when Nate asks Chrishelle to bless the food, she begins to roll her eyes and hiss strange phrases, which frightens the family and they all refuse to sit near her once they get back in the car. Dieser bedrängt das Familienauto und beim Ausweichmanöver geht die Hälfte des Gepäcks verloren. [Tuesday, December 20th, 2005] Fox Searchlight is moving forward with sequel Johnson Family Vacation 2, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Am Abend muss sich Nate dann als Beschützer seiner Familie beweisen, als beim nächsten Übernachtungsstopp ein Aligator im Hotelzimmer auftaucht. Familie Johnson geht auf Reisen (Originaltitel: Johnson Family Vacation) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie von Christopher Erskin aus dem Jahr 2004 mit Komiker Cedric the Entertainer und dem Rapper Bow Wow Handlung. Kaum dass Nate mit seinem Bruder Mack zusammentrifft, liefern sich beide einen verbalen Schlagabtausch.