The quarters of the jarl Crach an Craite are located here which makes the place an important point for the main quests.

The map above shows Kaer Trolde, the main city and surroundings of the northern part of the central Skellige island. Von den hohen Türmen aus kann man bis nach An Skellig, Spikeroog, Undvik, Hindarsfjall und den Faroen hinübersehen. Kaer Trolde is a port city reigned over by jarls from Clan an Craite on the coast of Ard Skellig, the largest of the Skellige islands. The Witcher 3 - How to climb Kaer Trolde Mountain - YouTube The location is actually underground, in the mountain.There is a big secondary quest in Skellige. privacy practices of such other sites. Players can enjoy The Witcher 3 for hundreds of hours without realizing there's an elevator granting access to the mountainous settlement of Kaer Trolde. Kaer Trolde is a location in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Die Festung ist die wichtigste Burg der Inselgruppe. In the eastern part you … It is usually compared to black and amorphous like a huge marine crustacean thrown on the shore by the waves. Kaer Trolde ist eine Festung auf Ard Skellig. Crach an Craite, der Jarl von Skellige, hat in Kaer Trolde seinen Wohnsitz.

Kaer Trolde is located on the northwest tip of Ard Skellig.