Age: 21 Sex: Male Age: 19 Category for characters. Star Ocean Universe is not affiliated with either tri-Ace or Square Enix.We do not claim ownership of any of the official artworks or logos contained throughout the site. Voice Actor: Kenji Hamada (JP); Kyle Hebert (EN) Category:The Last Hope characters - Warriors Wiki - Erin Hunter, The Silent Thaw, The Broken Code. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); Sekorra has a deep facination with magical objects, and tends to … [ Artworks ] Edge is the main character of the game and the one you control at all times. Lymle Lemuri Phi He volunteers for the maiden voyage of the SRF (Space Reconnaissance Force) to save humanity from the brink of extinction, electing to journey outside his solar system to the vast universe beyond. A prequel manga adaptation and a 4-panel spinoff were announced.

Race: Featherfolk [ Review ] A scientist from a planet that boasts the latest in cutting-edge technology, Bacchus has transformed himself into a cyborg - a decision made of his own volition. Race: Earthling Age: 19

Sex: Male [ Forum ]. _gaq.push(['gwo._setDomainName', 'none']); She is not on board the ship however; she communicates through subspace transmission from the USTA headquarters on Earth. Race: Lemurisian Age: 20 She was born with a talent for Symbology, and often summons a creature called Cerberus, who she considers a friend. Stephen D. Kenny Stephen shares the same surname of both Claude C. Kenny & Ronyx J. Kenny, possibly making him one of their ancestors. He has the ability to use optical camouflage to conceal himself. Race: Elderian (function() { Of the 105373 characters on Anime Characters Database, 13 are from the anime Last Hope. The series is directed by Shoji Kawamori and Hidekazu Sato and features animation by Satelight. Voice Actor: Hitomi Nabatame (JP); Tara Platt (EN) She's basically a pampered child who's fond of mischief; ever since a certain incident, she's closed the world out and continues to speak like someone younger than her age. Race: Earthling

Sex: Male [ Fanbars ] A young man from the planet Eldar who belongs to a planetary exploration team.

Last Hope,[1] also named Unit Pandora (Chinese: 重神机潘多拉; Japanese: 重神機パンドーラ), is a Japanese-Chinese anime television series produced and animated by both Satelight and Xiamen Skyloong Media. Belonging to the first expeditionary batch of SRF as Edge, Crowe attained the rank of Captain for Spaceship 001: Acura at just 21 years of age due to his exceptional talent and leadership abilities. Race: Elderian Weapon: Wand His childhood friend Reimi gives him and earful over it regularly. Sex: Male Age: 15 Still, she's tough at heart and her energy keeps her standing tall even in trying circumstances. Sex: Female There, she serves the team as a level-headed navigator and a source of support for Edge. Sex: Female

An honest young man with a strong sense of justice and responsibility.