[30] She strongly condemned the far-right movements after the terrorist attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which took away 50 victims' lives, stating that "We stand with Muslims everywhere who face discrimination, violence and terror".[44]. She also attended London City University training in broadcast journalism. [23][24], Namazie was named in Victims of Intimidation: Freedom of Speech within Europe's Muslim Communities, a late 2008 report about 27 European public figures with an Islamic background that have been made the focus of terrorist attention on the basis of what they have said about issues such Islam, homosexuality or religious experience. read more. However, her parents’ particulars is retained restricted. She is British by nationality and Iranian by origin. Maryam Nemazee is a British Journalist. [30][35], Maryam Namazie is also the spokesman of Fitnah- Movement for Women's Liberation, a protest movement which is, according to their website, "demanding freedom, equality, and secularism and calling for an end to misogynist cultural, religious, and moral laws and customs, compulsory veiling, sex apartheid, sex trafficking, and violence against women. Back in the United States in 1991 she became the co-founder of the Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees (CHAIR). The Islamic movement is a movement that slaughters people in the Middle East and Africa.

Iranian. It's important for us to speak about it and criticise it. She graduated from Durham University in England with a degree in history and politics later she went to London City University where she got training in … Born on 1 January 1976, Maryam Nemazee grew up in her hometown of London, United Kingdom. Maybe she wants to keep her personal life upon her. In 1994 she worked in Iranian refugee camps in Turkey and produced a film about their situation. These activities were recognised by the National Secular Society with the 2005 Secularist of the Year award, making Namazie its first recipient. [25], Since 1982, there has been an Islamic Sharia Council in the United Kingdom, and Islamic sharia courts are allowed to adjudicate in familial matters (marriage, divorce, inheritance, custody of children) according to the Arbitration Act 1996.

Nevertheless, it is known that Maryam stands tall at the decent height of 5 feet and 6 inches(1.70 meters). [2] In 2015, her lectures were opposed by groups labeling her as too provocative. She explains that even though the term is generally perceived as negative, the fact that women who are called fitnah are those who "are disobedient, who transgress the norms, who refuse, who resist, who revolt, who won't submit" makes it suited for a women's liberation movement. During the Islamic Revolution in that country[citation needed], her clandestine organisation in defence of human rights, Human Rights Without Frontiers, was discovered and prohibited. Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. [41], Namazie strongly distances herself from far-right anti-Islamic groups, whom she does not regard as allies, but enemies as well. She argues that globally, the Christian Right is less successful in repressing women's rights than Islamist movements.