By Chris Elliott…. Multimax have forewarned their customers of potential internet outages. Choose us for fast and reliable high speed broadband internet and relax to enjoy ! Atif Munir adlı kişinin profilinde 2 iş ilanı bulunuyor. We have also recently had Multimax installed and have had a few teething problems. inncy. Sozos Street - Eiffel Tower 3rd floor, Nicosia, 1096, Cyprus, 20 Ionos str., 3rd Floor, Nicosia, 2406, Cyprus, Corner 2 Kadou Street & Ayiou Pavlou Street, Nicosia, 1105, Cyprus, Stasinou 23, Egkomi, Cyprus, Nicosia, 2404, Cyprus. © Copyright 2020. 3,97 Mb/s. What convinced me that I’d done the right thing in moving to Multimax was the phone call I received from Extend on morning after my account expired. Online Shopping in North Cyprus TRNC Shop By Category. It was really a complicated one I believe with all these wireless signal collissions causing a poor unstable connection. By kyreniacommentator on June 11, 2019. I prefer my customers/prospective customers to deal with our Multimax representatives and contact me only if it is necessary. Sue, ozankoysJoined: 20/06/2008Posts: 905Message Posted:14/01/2012 08:23. No need to pay for unused internet connection anymore. oliveoilJoined: 16/03/2008Posts: 58Message Posted:13/01/2012 23:24, My neighbor phoned them several days ago to speak to the boss about a couple of connections and to date still no reply so he decided to stay with extend meantime, kbasatJoined: 28/07/2011Posts: 481Message Posted:13/01/2012 23:31, This customer has been told from Day 1 that his problem is not with our connection. I understand from Erol that my issue didn't warrant an immediate response and whilst I understand this it is only good practice to type a five second email and at the very least acknowledge my emails. High speed internet connection for every home. Everyone who recommends Multimax to a friend wins! This increase in the paid-for speed was unknown for Extend where I rarely received the 2Mb/1Mb I paid for. People should bear in mind that Multimax are only responsible for part of the internet connection - from them to you, if there are problems with telecom or Turkey, they have no control over it. Marina, Web Designer, Can I ask are you using the Channel 4 vpn supplied by Multimax and if so is it working ok? Marks and Spencer Discount Code | 50% off |, Look Fantastic Promo Code | 15% off |, Made Free Delivery | £10 off | Made Voucher |, WH Smiths Books | 75% off |, Dorothy Perkins Voucher Code | 60% off |, Blacks Discount Code | 15% off | Free Delivery |, Immigrants in Cyprus Complaining Over Housing Problems, A Police Car in North Cyprus Is Fitted With A Speed Camera, North Cyprus Weather Becoming Nice and Hot, North Cyprus News – Everyone Wants a Piece. All rights reserved. Hippo Does not give accolades easily however on this occasion Multi-max receives praise. Bellapais Garden Restaurant, Ezic Peanuts, Manny Penni etc. (cont), kbasatJoined: 28/07/2011Posts: 481Message Posted:13/01/2012 23:34, [cpe@Ataturk Yusuf] > ping HOST SIZE TTL TIME STATUS 56 42 114ms 56 42 123ms 56 42 135ms 56 42 133ms 56 42 130ms 56 42 127ms 56 42 121ms 56 42 138ms 56 42 141ms 56 42 145ms 56 42 141ms 56 42 158ms 56 42 129ms 56 42 134ms 56 42 119ms 56 42 148ms 56 42 166ms 56 42 174ms 56 42 132ms 56 42 139ms sent=20 received=20 packet-loss=0% min-rtt=114ms avg-rtt=137ms max-rtt=174ms, kbasatJoined: 28/07/2011Posts: 481Message Posted:13/01/2012 23:39. Similar places nearby. Do a good deed for a friend and invite them to the world of Multimax! For more detailed information contact Multimax customer care support on 0548 888 6629, 43 Mustafa Ali Zihni Sok., Girne, Kıbrıs. We have found Kemal and the staff at Multimax, polite and professional at all times so could therefore we could not ask for more. Internet Provider...Multimax. I have arranged somebody to call and come over tomorrow with a laptop to demonstrate that there is no problem with your Internet connection. Multimax Internet Kyrenia. Cable & Satellite Company, Why Is Nobel, A Cyprus Gas Partner, Facing Debt Problems? At the end of the day, I am only 1 person and I need to prioritize my time. I have been having problems with Kibrisonline (Superonline) for 2 weeks and Multimax came and offered an excellent solution. Information Technology Company, Max guests: 6 (sleeps up to 6 adults) - Blow_up mattresses available for additional guestsBlow_up mattresses available for additional guests. All these periods of non-connectivity were logged using a piece of software called Ping Monitor, just in case my complaints were challenged. On top of this, without knowing it, I was now able to watch UK TV for free. Sue, rollinbonesJoined: 14/11/2008Posts: 201Message Posted:14/01/2012 07:46. We always have a solution at Multimax ! The villa also has a large fire place as well which is very warming during winter. Multimax NTV brought to you by Multimax. Move your company to Multimax, the leader of coorperate internet in North Cyprus and increase your company’s strength. Average results for Multimax Iletisim Limited. I was given reasons for poor connection such as “weather” even after days of sunshine and had to wait days sometimes for the connection to return. © Copyright 2020. It was a nuisance … 3.0 Cybo Score. Do a good deed for a friend! Mustafa Ali Zihni Sok. - No fees for Apartment installation. Kibrisonline failed to solve this and I am grateful that Kemal's team did it. Judging by previous posts on here, you seem to have been very unlucky to experience these problems. I have nothing but praise for Multimax.