UK: 6play | Salto3 Background: Random House Home Video was a home video unit established by Random House, publisher of most notably Dr. Seuss's books. Founded in 1925, Random House is the proud publishing house of the world’s most acclaimed storytellers, thought leaders, and innovators.
This was animated by Michael Sporn Studios in New York. Video-on-demand service videos, the customized ending theme is heard.

3Joint venture with Groupe TF1 and France Télévisions. Nicknames: "Cheesy House", "The House", "The Random House", "Rainbow House", "Rainbow Random House", "Primitive Random House", "Primitive House". Warning: The following white text with a drop shadow scrolls up on a gray background: Duplication in whole or in part ofthis videocassette is prohibited.WARNING:Federal law provides severe civil andcriminal penalties for the unauthorizedreproduction, distribution orexhibition of copyrighted works.Criminal copyright infringement mayconstitute a felony with a maximumpenalty of up to five years in prisonand/or a $250,000 fine. Ballantine | Bantam | Beginner Books | Broadway | Crown | Del Rey | Dell | Dial | Doubleday | Everyman's Library (US) | Fodor's | Golden | Golden Books Family Entertainment | Harmony | Hogarth | Knopf | Little Golden Books | Living Language | Modern Library | Pantheon | The Princeton Review | Prima Games | Random House Children's Books | Random House Children's Entertainment | Random House Films | Random House Home Video | Random House Studio | Schocken | Spectra | Three Rivers | Ten Speed | Villard | Vintage | Watson-Guptill | Western Publishing 9Joint venture with CBS Studios International. 2nd Warning (1984-2000)

It also appeared on certain DVDs of the later series like Arthur's Perfect Christmas, Arthur's New Puppy, and others.

Regional newscasts: random house home video logo.

Availability: Ultra rare. Eastman Logo", "The Berenstain Bears Logo", "The Richard Scarry Logo", "The Arthur Logo". As the lines begin to finish drawing, the parts of a stylized house (the same one from before) begin to slide onto the screen at the area where the lines suddenly slope.
7Joint venture with Reliance Broadcast Network. It can be seen on the earliest Random House Home Video releases, as well as early tapes with the second logo. | RTL Lounge Radio, Television channels RTL Aktuell | VOX Nachrichten | RTL Zwei News | n-tv Nachrichten | RTL Nachtjournal

BMG Rights Management | Direct Group | Verlagsgruppe Random House | Goldmann, Former/Defunct properties Here is Sony Wonder and Random House Home Video logo with Electronic Sounds Made with MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium Inspired by 9darklink and Cheez764

4Joint venture between Groupe M6 and Groupe TF1. We offer you for free download top of random house home video logo pictures. Finally, the white words "RANDOM HOUSE VIDEO" with a black drop shadow fly in from the bottom of the house and the rainbow. Availability: Uncommon. Variant: On the Beginner Book videos and the 1993-1994 Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever! The audio cassette and the filmstrip suddenly enter the "tape" edge of a VHS tape, which has the text "RANDOM HOUSE, INC." on the tape label, and also contains the Random House logo on the end label. Company Bumpers Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. After that, a square wipes in behind the house, with five lines in the left side which colors itself in with rainbow color… The Newbery variant was seen on Call It Courage and the 1989 VHS of Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mt. Music/Sounds: A bell ring when the first part of the house "slides" up and a bright string-like synth that repeats itself as the bell fades to a synthesized drone. UFA Cinema | UFA Fiction | UFA Serial Drama | UFA Show & Factual | UFA Home Entertainment | UFA LAB | Random House Films, Gruner + Jahr