The memorial reminds those who visit it of the precariousness of life at sea, a lesson the citizens of this great port city once knew well but had long forgotten. Is this the Amati kit? Former Mayor William Donald Schaefer credits then Housing Commissioner Bob Embry with the idea, "Let's build a ship in the Inner Harbor to draw folks downtown." Stay informed about Pride’s voyages, schedule, special events, guest crew opportunities, & more! Guided by the experience of the original Pride, the board determined that this vessel could better fulfill the mission of a globe-trotting ambassador that had evolved over the years if she was larger and had more cruising range both under sail and under power.

She left immediately for Bermuda on the shake-down leg of … With these guidelines in hand, Gillmer set out to create a new Pride that would look much like the original on the outside but have more contemporary amenities and safety features below deck. She was lost in micro-squall on May, 1986. Support PRIDE!

Others were experienced sailors and hands from Maryland who wanted to share in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of building an "old style" ship in the traditional way. A permanent memorial to the original Pride of Baltimore was erected in the Inner Harbor on Rash Field. They were developed from the original design drawings for the ship by Naval Architect Thomas C. Gillmer. This Pride was the first Baltimore Clipper to be built in 150 years. But something was still missing — a symbol, a trademark, an icon to link Baltimore to its harbor. The city then commissioned a larger sister-ship, and the Pride of Baltimore II was launched on April 30, 1989. Stay informed about Pride’s voyages, schedule, special events, guest crew opportunities, & more! © Pride of Baltimore, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 Sandcastle Publishing Company. Model Shipways Pride Of Baltimore II 1:64 Scale . Click here to see our privacy policy. The ANCIENT MARINER at SEAGIFTS.COM The ship is to be between 85' and 90' on deck, fully operable, capable of being sailed, and equipped with replica cannon. Those lost were Armin Elsaesser, 42, captain; Vincent Lazarro, 27, engineer; Barry Duckworth, 29, carpenter; and Nina Schack, 23, deckhand. The design/construction contract was awarded to the International Historical Watercraft Society, a corporate designation of master shipwright Melbourne Smith of Annapolis. This is the start of my build log for the Model Shipways kit Pride Of Baltimore II. With that seminal thought, a great sailing adventure and tradition was launched that would soon catapult Baltimore back into the imagination of the nation and the world as the home of adventurous seamen and romantic ships. Peter Boudreau, one of the builders and captains of the original vessel, was named as master shipwright and builder. The ship was to be named Pride of Baltimore II and serve as a sailing memorial to the original Pride. Forty tons of fixed ballast were packed along the keel below deck. Powered by Invision Community.

During her nine years at sea, between her maiden voyage to Bermuda, New York, and Nova Scotia in 1977, to her final European voyage in 1986, Pride of Baltimore extended the hand of friendship to countless visitors.

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