Unlike other reptile characters in the film, she had body hairs, although it may be a wig.

Um, I'm sure he had his reasons. : Hello, Beans. She is struggling to save her ranch from going out of business, courtesy of the greedy and evil Mayor Tortoise John, and understands that someone is wasting Dirt's water supply and buying up the land. When she revives, she tells Rango that freezing is a "defense mechanism". One of the three main thieves admits that the jug had already been stolen before they got to the bank, so he got a decoy jug. Suddenly the town clock strikes noon, which every townsfolk gather in the center of the street on every Wednesday (as stated by Beans and Priscilla). The town goes into a panic and Beans realizes her mistake.

dp stream Regarder le meilleur de film streaming HD en version française online. Beans. :

It is not a rash, it is a birthmark!

[picks up a jar with a sort of powder in it and puts some in his mouth]. Beans has been known to be susceptible towads her anger. She is also very affectionate with Rango, as they are now lovers.

Beans "La Vaca" Sanchez is a female desert iguana voiced by Isla Fisher. Justin Bieber s'incruste à la conférence de presse de Rango.
With no proof of the mayor's wrongdoing, Rango leaves, while the mayor, seeing that Rango is close to figuring out what his true plans are, orders Bad Bill to call Rattlesnake Jake (Bill Nighy), who soon arrives, firing shots with his gatling gun tail.

The next day, she along with other members of the posse tracked the thieves back to the lair of Balthazar, the leader of the Hill Clan, a horde of mole robbers. Beans tries to get Rango's attention, but he ignores her and gives someone an autograph. Rango Afterwards, Beans saw Mr. Merrimack, the manager of the Bank of Dirt, seeing that the vault's water bottle is at a dangerously low level. Filming & Production The circumstances of Beans' relationship with her father is unknown, due to him having died prior to the events of the film. It is literally impossible for Beans to give up something.

She is first seen when Rango tries to recover some water that was out in the desert. Rango

She was seen in the bank trying the learn about the problem as well. Tortoise JohnRattlesnake Jake (formerly)Balthazar (formerly)Jedadih (formerly)Ezekiel (formerly)


Rango : Toutes les informations de diffusion, les bandes-annonces, les photos et rediffusions de Rango avec Télé 7 Jours : [comes out of trance in the clothier's shop]  Rango returns to Dirt to challenge Jake to a duel, a diversion so the yuccas can turn the pipeline's valve to flood the town. :

Beans is incredibly dangerous during her outbursts. After Rango and Beans deduce that the Mayor has been buying all the nearby land around, Rango recalls the mayor telling him how controlling water equals control of everything. And until the people of Andromeda 5 return him safe and sound, I will not sell my ranch!

| Rango comes across Beans who, believing that he may be involved with the drought that her town is suffering, interrogates at gunpoint. She refused to do so, and Jake threatened to kill her. Beans

[quickly stands up] 

Rango then holds Jake at gunpoint and makes his resolve clear. With that, Beans walks out. Rattlesnake Jake turns on the Mayor for his treachery and carries him off. Beans is a tough and feisty desert iguana who lives on a ranch in the musty town of Dirt and has lost her father. Animé en images de synthèse, c'est une parodie de western dont le personnage principal est un caméléon anthropomorphe. Rango is the first one to get a bottle of water from the spigot, but the townsfolk are all shocked to see mud come out instead of water. He quickly runs afoul of outlaw Bad Bill (Ray Winstone), narrowly avoiding a shootout when the hawk returns, scaring Bill. In the film Rango, Beans first appeared in front of Rango when he woke up after his first night in the desert. Angelique

* Mentions informatique et liberté en bas de page. Beans starts to take into suspicion of the mayor's disconcern about the water shortage and the dumping of water out in the desert. The citizens of Dirt celebrate the return of the water and recognize Rango as their hero. ", and storms out. [after Beans refuses to sign a deed]  : Beans

[wraps Beans in his coils and suspends her upside down]  They then got into a chase, after which they discovered that the bottle was empty, and the robbers confessed that it was found empty.

Once Beans revives, she asks Rango if he's ever heard about the fate of the old sheriff, which surprises Rango. [she walks away]  :

Realizing the mayor's hand in this, Rango recruits the hill clan in his plan. She may be a desert iguana, but she is also a combination of a chuckwalla and an African monitor lizard.

Beans "La Vaca" Sanchez is a female desert iguana voiced by Isla Fisher. ".

Beans is kidnapped by the Mayor and his thugs and refuses to give him her ranch. She was always seen wearing a blue dress.

Beans is exceedingly intelligent, tough, and quick-witted. : The Spirit inspires Rango and tells him, "No man can walk out on his own story". You carry his remains?

The posse steal back the water and the thieves give chase. Rango (boyfriend)PriscillaMr. Origin

Locked in the glass-bottle bank vault to drown, the mayor tries to shoot Jake with Rango's gun, only to discover it is empty. Knowing that Rango was trying to reach Dirt, she guided him to the town. Beans finds Rango showcasing a cowboy outfit.

He also realizes that the last sheriff of the town Amos died quickly by Jake as the new sheriff only lasted 2 days (Thursday to Saturday) in town.

Luckily for everyone, Beans has never been angry enough to destroy anything. She was always seen wearing a blue dress. When the posse rested for the night, she chatted with Rango and revealed about her childhood experience with the Walking Cacti. Rango and his posse decide to set up camp for the night. Mmm, spicy! |

Like other townsfolks of Dirt, she could use firearms reasonably well. The mayor threatens Beans' life, forcing Rango to surrender. Rango

[comes out of trance by her wagon] 

Mrs. Tough, smart, and full of fiery independence, Beans is on a mission to find out where all of Dirt's water has gone. Angelique Mr.Merrimack reveals. Beans

They all decide to continue their journey on horseback. Get your slimy, webbed phalanges off ma boots! Join Facebook to connect with Rango Beans and others you may know. Beans | Full Name Ashamed and no longer knowing who he is, Rango wanders the desert and, in a daze, meets the Spirit of the West (Timothy Olyphant), a cowboy whom Rango calls the Man with no Name.


Sous la forme d’une parodie de western, avec personnages hauts en couleur, ce premier film d’animation du réalisateur de la saga "Pirates des Caraïbes" ne manque ni d’ambition artistique ni de qualités graphiques.

Rattlesnake Jake : [after Beans refuses to sign a deed] Sign the damn paper, woman! Unnamed father (deceased) Still assuming that the robbers were guilty, she and Rango took them back to Dirt. However, as the chameleon introduced himself, she quickly let her guard down, presumably because of Rango's apparent stupidity. The sinister Rattlesnake Jake arrives, exposes Rango as a fraud, and banishes him from Dirt. Powers/Skills However, they were interrupted by Rango, who returned to challenge Jake to a duel.
Even if others may cower and stumble, Beans, being the true heroine that she is, always stares fear in the face and repels it with her deathly glare. Beans Beans realizes Rango is not the cause when he puts on a dance number for her. Once Beans drops Rango off, she arrives at the Bank of Dirt to visit the bank manager, Mr. Merrimack. In the next morning, when the last remaining water in the bank was found stolen and Rango organized a posse to search for it, Beans voluteered to join the group. Sur place, il se fait appeler Rango et tue, sans le vouloir, le faucon qui le poursuivait. You are eating his ashes! She is the deuteragonist of Rango Beans has spent her entire life, conquering the dangers and treacheries that came with defending her ranch.


Trying to collect water for her town of Dirt, Beans in the dreaded clutches of Rattlesnake Jake, Beans bound and gagged by the Mayor's henchmen. Later in the film she was seen chatting with Rango about her childhood experience with the Walking Cacti and eventually developed a romantic interest in the chameleon. :

: The posse discovers a pipe that leads directly under the bank and Beans assumes that something is controlling the water, they all decide to track it. In the film Rango, Beans first appeared in front of Rango when he woke up after his first night in the desert.