In choosing to use this theme, you hereby assign to me the right of jus primae noctis.*. Even in the default theme, the buttons read/write/latch etc. The default theme from REAPER 4 is good enough for me. Thus, the more we widen the TCP, the less there is lines attributed to the track control, which provoke some counter-intuitive things : for example, you want to see a track title a bit long, you widen the track, and BAM, the buttons are merged, a line is deleted, and you see even less characters of the track title than before. affinity, reaper, vidéo, youtube, Categories: Your IP: Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e4be8359ab503b4 Legal Notices. TCP layout with an 'always first-row' fader - for clear 'relative level' feedback even in large track count projects. I decided to apply the same color to all the disposition. The thing is that, by default, it is the background of the track name which is colorized, which I consider to be an ergonomic al issue, due to the fact that it can generates readability issues (yellow background under white text, it’s not easily readable); I find more pertinent to color the TCP background and leave the interactive elements (buttons, slider etc, but especially text elements…) intact. With great thanks to an esteemed testing crew, this theme has been tested under fire and the lessons learned to ensure first class levels of functionality in high pressure, real world scenarios. My theme will satisfy all the needs of users who love the default theme and who love to color their tracks. Selected items have to be highlight, literally. Copyright © 2020. I didn’t knew I will make software theming one day, however, i did ! The default Pan Pot in the mixer a rotary one. But in REAPER, the depth of customisability allows themes to be specialised - and Imperial is just such a theme. We can assign actions to shortcuts, to buttons on toolbars, create macros, write python scripts, create plugins, and we can change the software appearance with a lot of freedom. I didn’t invent anything on this point, because it was my starting point. , Because I wanted to have a GUI that satisfy all my needs, I didn’t wait a lot of time before beginning to learn Walter, the system elaborated by Cockos to allow users to write their own themes (a system that handle pictures, elements placement with a custom code language etc…), and I did it so intensively that I ended to write a Synthax Highlighting Color code for Notepad ++, a freebie well appreciated by the community . On fully minimised tracks, you need only grow a single track slightly to provide a column key to all controls on all other tracks. But why choose to use my theme more than one other ? Hopi tried to correct this problem in a custom theme inputting borders around selected tracks, but some tracks colors still had trouble (colors made the borders disappear when the tracks is selected). Still on this idea to optimize the TCP, I filled the empty space that it contains. It still not pixel perfect, but it is better than before ! their are gorgeous, and perfectly integrated with the other buttons ! If a Pan Pot is optimum when there is not a lot of room (as in the TCP), I think that a linear slider correspond much better to our sound perception. If you like my theme, you can use it in your config but please do not re-distribute it elsewhere (unless if it is in your online config zip file) or unless you modify it significantly (but don’t forget to credit me and this website, and the other persons I credit myself) ! Set in black the index background was the only way to be sure that the index was visible no matter the color of the track. I find this trick in the ReaNo Theme from Reno. The expansive 'Master of the Universe' layout features a master meter large enough for clear and detailed feedback on high track-count surround output. That why I don’t consider myself as a themer, but rather as an hardcore theme moder . Themes are even created to emulate the layout of rival digital audio workstations, in an attempt to ease users migrating from these applications into the idyllic Reaper way of life! Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The liquid-width Track Control Panel (TCP) progressively reveals more function buttons AND a longer track name as you increase its width, and buttons never, ever change row. Here is what I’ve done, which take me a lot of times and efforts before being satisfied . Before you download, lets just go through this 'large monitor' thing again. The Bus indicators display each track's folder status, and even its position in the folder heirarchy - up to 8 nested folders deep. If you like my work, please consider making a, Shadowing Optimized for Colorization and Track Selection, Color Consistency of the Envelope’s Button, Synthax Highlighting Color code for Notepad ++. Clear labeling, in words, where practical - not cryptic icons. can change of colors, depending on some track layouts. The envelope panels and arrange window are 'purely software', and are styled accordingly. All monitoring, record routing and arming controls are grouped in one section. The control you're looking for will always be wherever you last saw it. This doesn’t bother me, I like the fact that the index number are consistent from one track to one other. Why?Because your screens are far away - the small elements are actually 'standard size'. So, I locked the responsivity on three lines maximum and reduced the number of key width to consider, which give a lot more consistency. And you're willing to dedicate it to a full height, undocked mixer?