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Medieval France and the Legend of the Loup-Garou. One thing that does seem certain, though, is that some of the rougarou’s preferred haunts are the swamps of central and eastern Louisiana.

Back in the day of armor, swords and jousting, there was a lot more to fear than the plague and witches. Two projects that would help restore and maintain swamp habitat are: Louisiana’s swamps have always held an air of mystery and menace about them that have inspired stories like the fabled rougarou that emerges from the foggy darkness under night’s cover and vanishes at dawn. Quiz: Which spooky Halloween animal are you? The stories were most likely inspired by European stories of werewolves that the Cajun people brought with them as they migrated to Louisiana. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. Terms and conditions  ~, rougarou, goomby smash, and the fleet bunched up to go around the upwind mark,, Pearl River Bayou, Swampland, Slidell, Louisiana,, rougarou, winner of the 9th race, #4 overall, practicing before the race committee boat,, rougarou, winner of the 9th race, #4 overall, coming in first to the downwind mark,, rougarou, winner of the 9th race, #4 overall, tacking 10 minutes before the race,, rougarou, samba pa ti, argo, and goomby smash getting ready to round the upwind mark,, samba pa ti, dark n'stormy, shakedown and rougarou sailing with full spinnakers to the downwind mark,, rougarou's bowman setting up the chute for upwind rounding,

The rougarou (or loup-garou) is a monster from Cajun folklore. Alamy and its logo are trademarks of Alamy Ltd. and are registered in certain countries. Questions about Cedar Point? The Rougarou and other Loup Garou's wander the swamps, fields and forests of Acadiana. Cedar Point Trip Planning Q&A. The loss of this important habitat is not inevitable. An alligator headed re-creation of the rougarou is exhinited at the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans. But as Louisiana continues to lose a football field of wetlands 100 minutes, its iconic swamps and marshes are in very real jeopardy.

All around, there is the movement of unseen life – the rustle of the swamp rabbit in the underbrush, the hoot of a barred owl, and maybe even a soft splash of an alligator as it slithers down the bank. While the Rougarou is dangerous and has been known to scare or attack people. Walking through a Louisiana swamp at night, the moon is full and the fog hangs low on the surface of an old bayou.