That was it. After that, Huey Newton calls up and expels Eldridge from the party—Eldridge, me and Don Cox, anyone in Algeria. They just didn’t know when it would be. Related Videos. ROLAND FREEMAN: A guy got shot here, got shot in the arm. He drank the juice, and he was drugged. MICHAEL KLONSKY: Fred Hampton, here in Chicago, was the main voice for racial unity. KATHLEEN CLEAVER: Well, it’s not that complex. Well, Martin Luther King was dead by 1968. STANLEY NELSON: There’s no one reason. So when the police attacked, the bullets were not getting through; by and large, they were not getting through. And that’s when the name “Self-Defense” was dropped. KATHLEEN CLEAVER: Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. They have no right to just come and break down your door and start shooting. ", "Bravely dives into a complex subject that elicits conflicting feelings nearly half a century later — and the result is a nuanced and informative portrait that provides a strong connection with current times.". THE BLACK PANTHERS: VANGUARD OF THE REVOLUTION is the first feature length documentary to explore the Black Panther Party, its significance to the broader American culture, its cultural and political awakening for black people, and the painful lessons wrought when a movement derails. He said it in speeches. The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution is a 2015 American documentary film directed and written by Stanley Nelson Jr. As Black History Month is about to begin, we spend the hour with a remarkable new documentary that just premiered here called The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. He had been working on NAACP campaigns in Texas to win the right to vote. And, in fact, there were like five when I got there, because most of them were in Santa Rita prison after the visit to Sacramento. And he said, if you are confronted by a racist who believes himself superior, then he has—and you’re armed—he has to consider, does he want to risk his superior life to take your inferior life? We feature extended excerpts from the film and speak with one its subjects, Kathleen Cleaver, who served as communications secretary of the Black Panther Party and is now a law professor at Emory University. J. EDGAR HOOVER: I think very definitely it is. STANLEY NELSON: He was the first member to join that group of four or five who formed the party. They get close enough to film a lot of it. delivered to your inbox every day? He did believe this. But in my space, I was the king. Huey was wounded. AMY GOODMAN: How did you go from where you came from to be a member of the Black Panther Party? They’re putting the pressure on police to allow us to stay, so we can witness this. That movement, that Free Huey movement, radicalized the community, and all these people wanted to join and be Black Panthers. STANLEY NELSON: That’s what the Panthers were. In that little space I had, I was the king. KATHLEEN CLEAVER: Ultimately, I got a message. Objections, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Wins Landslide Reelection After Stamping Out Coronavirus, Rallies Around the Country Call on People to Vote in U.S. Election, Colorado Fires Shatter Records as Trump Reverses Course on California Wildfire Aid, Trump Celebrates Apparent Extrajudicial Killing by U.S. Eldridge was taken back to San Quentin, and he was a parolee, and so his parole was violated, so it looked like he had four more years independently of his charge. We want an immediate end to police brutality. AMY GOODMAN: Which stands, of course, for Counterintelligence Program. They missed my head here. They shot that room up. But one of the things that happens at the end of Freedom Summer is there’s a shot of Stokely Carmichael—goes down to Alabama and gets on top of that truck or bus or whatever it is, and starts yelling, “Black power! He was a tremendously decent and caring person. MOHAMMED MUBARAK: I looked at the TV. AMY GOODMAN: You worked on, Kathleen Cleaver, the Huey Newton campaign, right, Free Huey? PHYLLIS JACKSON: Our attack was not only against white supremacy, but it was also about capitalism.