The magazine lost focus on Magic as it put more emphasis on other trading card games; with Pokémon's immediate North American success, The Duelist was converted into a dual-format publication, with general separate sections for Magic and Pokémon. Stepping into The Darkness, Dominian Chronicles. ", Staff (June 01, 2009).

Magic gradually lost the magazine's focus as it put more emphasis on up-and-coming card games; with Pokémon's immediate North American success, The Duelist was converted into a dual-format publication, with general separate sections for Magic and Pokémon. In addition to Magic, it also served as a way for Wizards to introduce players to other products it owned, including the moderately obscure Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and the more popular Legend of the Five Rings. Duelist Magazine (1994-1999 Wizards of the Coast) #1 Tags: Magic The Gathering Trading Card Game Published Jan 1994 by Wizards of the Coast. X. Price-lists would be included as well. In addition to its artwork, the magazine also included articles on various strategies, game design articles, fiction from Magic storylines, product checklists, rules questions, Magic tournament coverage; even Magic puzzles were eventually introduced. Managing Editor: Terry Melia (1996-1997), Senior Editors: Paul Hughes (1993-1996), Jeff J. Lin (1994-1996), Melody Alder (1996-1997), Will McDermott (1997-1999), Style Editor: Robert Dalton (1997-1998), Blaise Selby (1998-1999). The Lurker's Guide to the Stronghold, Lost in the Shuffle: Thoughts on Game Design, Multiverse in Review: The Duelist #7-10 (Homelands), Lost in the Shuffle: All for One and One for All, Musings on the History of the Magic Pro Tour, Early issues featured a key artist who created a unique cover (often based on an existing card) and whose art was showcased inside the issue.

As Magic grew, a companion newsletter (The Duelist Companion), which was the Official Newsletter of the Duelists' Convocation / DCI, was sent out to The Duelist subscribers in between magazine releases. $12.00. MTG: The Duelist Magazine Issue #7 Homelands, Ice Age, Overpower Play Copy FS. The Duelist ran for 41 issues (42 if Duelist #0 is counted). ", Staff (August 09, 2010). ", which ran for almost the entire life of the magazine. ", Staff (October 19, 2009). Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield often wrote the quizzical back column of the magazine. ", Dominian Chronicles. $5.79. Suitcase? The Duelist Online was introduced in May 1999. [10], staff (November 01, 2010). Editor-in-Chief: Kathryn Haines (1993-1996), Paul Hughes (1996); Asssistent Editor-in-Chief: Robert Hahn (1998). Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, The Duelist (The Official Deckmaster Magazine, Issue 3, Fall 1994), The Duelist Magazine Issue 29 September 1999, Duelist Trading Card Game Magazine #23 (March 1998), Duelist Magazine (July 1999 - Star Wars Cover), Playtime: Aperture 212 (Aperture Magazine (212)), Magic: The Gathering -- Official Encyclopedia, Volume 2: The Complete Card Guide, The Interview Issue: Aperture 220 (Aperture Magazine (220)), Curiosity: Aperture 211 (Aperture Magazine (211)), Tokyo: Aperture 219 (Aperture Magazine (219)).

For the South Korean film, see,, Monthly magazines published in the United States, Quarterly magazines published in the United States, Defunct magazines published in the United States, Magazines published in Washington (state), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 May 2020, at 00:27. The magazine was based in Renton, Washington.[2]. It featured articles from recent issues the Sideboard and also exclusive content. By this time, it also had expanded to covering video games and other stuff. Image not available. One enduring feature was "Extra Pulled", featuring "rejected" Magic cards allegedly pulled from sets in development. Phil Foglio and his wife Kaja resurrected Phil's former Dragon strip "What's New? [3], This article is about the magazine. The Duelist Companion was published from May 1994 till March 1996 (19 issues). Released in 1977, it was the debut of one of the best film directors of all times: Ridley Scott; and won him the Best Debut Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival. [2], Duelist was replaced by the magazine TopDeck which continued many of its features while broadening the focus even more to non-Magic games. Suitcase" being a reference to the large collections of cards that some players would carry with them) was among the other regular features.