Wow all the cast is new actor ? Rev May 04 2017 1:03 am #Ahjussi

:|. This is just my own opinion, :) I apologozie for being rude.

She is so freaking pathetic. Mei Mar 27 2017 8:34 pm Lets hit daebak! This kdrama The liar and his lover is so cool im having a butterflies in my stomach while im watching this.

Im Seulong MV. I've never watched the Japanese version or read the manga but I plan on reading it eventually. Hyun Woo doesn't have strong eyes that shows up his skill as a professional. Soo Hyun Jan 13 2017 11:00 am this drama will be ruined because of joy :(, rainamega Jan 14 2017 12:34 am She really done good job as a highschooler since she has that kind of youth aura. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. Nicey Apr 20 2017 7:21 am I don't wanna believe an adaptation drama anymore.
CarolAnn1925 Jan 26 2017 8:09 am I know it's not good to compare but even Kang Minhyuk, who is a drummer, did a better job in Ddanddara and I don't even like CNBLUE. it has good feeling and chemistry between leads are undeniable.

btw i ship her w chanyoung! | Privacy Policy | Contact, So he will be fine. I'm not sure if they're going to release more in the full-length album. Especially Seo Chanyoung. Ran Mar 23 2017 8:18 am I'm crazy in love with Aki. Im sorry but I dont like the plot and also the female lead Joy "as an actress" .. Instead of chemistry, It feels like Seo Rim is flirting with Cha young. I personally think this drama is really old and it suits both of them really well. They only changed some scene which is not that important. I love Joy's voice... and I love Seo Won too :*, Zaif Dec 15 2017 3:20 am This Drama is made me realize how an Idol in Korea's life is hard as it was. Tbh, the lead man seems a bit of dead fisheye to me just by the trailer itself. Euh the release date is wrong. I search jpn version after saw some comments. In the drama, Han Gyul and So-Rim is the main focus. You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss. Tatsu Jan 31 2017 11:32 am The story is my get go. It's will be amazing drama.. syd Jan 13 2017 6:50 pm If you read the Manga, Aki character isn't dark like in the movie. If they expected the viewers to smile during those scenes then they're wrong. Justanotherperson Apr 01 2017 5:06 pm like seo won could pull off that older and professional persona so well, but maybe just because hyun woo has such a baby face and a high-toned voice, i just see hankyeol as an immature teenage boy? Karen Khoo Feb 27 2017 11:49 am "tvN is getting way better than sbs and kbs and mbc", Lol not now, even JTBC and OCN buried tvN hype. I even humming that melody ....... And that music It very very suitable for Han gyeol style appearance. That IS an adaptation. With absolutely no need to go looking for anything more in life, Boram is caught completely off-guard, the day she meets Dong Gil (Shin Won Ho).

I struggle watch it cincha hahahahaa. (They change Aki/Han Kyeol's charming personality, for example.) The storyline is shit.

The story is good, _light drama. bad scenario is the righteous reason behind all the mess they made **sigh**. I'm just curious because Crude Play (and Yoo Na) here doesn't seem like they have work to be popular. the acting and actors are great, and I love the chemistry between lee hyunwoo and joy. <3 <3. You gotta hire the best composers and producers out there!

Can't wait for the next episode! Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. ❤❤❤? YOU!!! This is breaking my heart tbh. Let’s go there! But I have my heart set on the Japanese Movie, so much so that I won't be watching this one. boring drama. nixk Jan 22 2017 9:40 pm Was It Love (jTBC) The first movie of him that makes me fall for takeru (even after watched his drama before this)... none Mar 08 2017 3:36 am
I have read some negative comments about Joy's acting and the storyline. You can read the webtoon in Korean here. Why him? All are so good. Fem1017 May 14 2017 11:14 pm Nooooo Please don't ruin this masterpiece don't turn this into a drama both lee hyunwoo and joy don't fit the role. And atm they might already hit 3% omark or even higher for my opinion, So joy or whoever casts are not to blame cause they did a really good job or a quite good job. I really hope it doesn't take the idol high school classroom vibe >_<, Mari Jan 24 2017 4:32 am She always cries so sadly that it's affecting me as well.

I probably will consider this drama as an ok.