Washington, D.C. offers amazing opportunities for Trinity students, from internships and career opportunities to great museums and restaurants. Because an impaired nursing student may have altered judgment and skills, appropriate management of abuse and addiction is critical for nursing education and practice. You can verify that you are registered for a course by logging into Self-Service and looking at your course schedule. Trinity’s policies on student conduct include appeals procedures for disciplinary dismissals. Sharing questions on examinations is a violation of the Trinity honor code and is subject to disciplinary action per the Trinity Washington University Honor Code. Graduates of Trinity’s education programs are routinely recognized for their excellence in improving the lives and the institutions with which they are involved.

Lows in the upper 50s. The student’s signature does not indicate agreement, only that the student received the evaluation. All Trinity offices will be open for regular hours. However absences for extended periods of time (more than two class sessions) require specific prior permission or written documentation explaining the absence. Students must be able to effectively use Moodle for their coursework. Learn more here, Human Rights, International Advocacy and the Middle East, African Americans and Africa: A New History.

AC 122C  |  202-884-9713 Enter the first few letters of what you are looking for. Students choosing to appeal a final course grade must follow the Grade Appeal Policy. Students who face dismissal for professional conduct reasons, e.g., unsafe or unethical conduct in clinical settings, may follow the standard process for appealing disciplinary decisions   This includes a written statement explaining the action in question. Our LMS houses web-enhanced course spaces for all courses at Trinity.

South winds around 5 mph. Through Moodle, students can access course information, class presentations, and activities. The School of Education’s graduate-level classes fit into the complex lives of working professionals.

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Trinity offers a broad range of accredited degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s levels.

So, while Trinity is open, if you are unable to get here on time, you will not be penalized. The final clinical course evaluation and grade, and the student’s self-evaluation are kept on file as part of the student’s academic record in the Nursing Program Office.
Examinations are to be taken as scheduled. The Dean and Director will determine whether the student may continue in the program and they will so inform the student. We’ve recently celebrated one of our graduates as principal of the year! Specific rules for attendance, makeup assignments and other related permissions will be specified in the respective course syllabi. Patchy fog after midnight. Only under extraordinary circumstances may an exam be missed and rescheduled. Many programs offered by the university have flexible schedules for students who work during the day. A nursing student may fail or withdraw from no more than one nursing course (NURS prefix). It is an extensive virtual learning environment which is used by many of the faculty members here at the University. Students who must go on probation will also sign a learning contract that specifies the terms for their improvement. It is the policy of Trinity Washington University to comply with Federal and District laws and regulations detailing the use and detection of drugs and alcohol. Thank you for your patience! Please log into Self-Service. Through Moodle, students can access course information, class presentations, and activities. Students who are unable to take a nursing course in the semester it is scheduled should consult with their academic advisor regarding the impact on their academic progression. Course syllabi provide specific requirements for attendance and obtaining excused absences. Columbus Day Weekend: Oct. 6-8, Trinity Closed, Trinity Metro Shuttle Returns to Brookland, Regular Service, Labor Day Weekend at Trinity: No Class Meetings, Offices Closed/Trinity Center Hours.