I love the storage space too.

I have no pictures of the sewing process, but I can tell you that Vivian basically sewed a box cushion cover with piping on it. Wow, what a fabulous job! We used canvas dropcloths for the fabric, since they were cheap, durable, and they match my wall color really well.

Once you’ve got all of the cabinets assembled, place them on your base and measure the gap you need to fill with side trim. The only part to be careful of here is to measure really carefully and drill nice, straight, clean holes (a pilot hole helps!). Your question about the seat depth is a great one – I'm going to edit the post to share that!

Thanks, Sarah!

Since the IKEA cabinets are only 15″ tall, and a standard chair is 18-20″ high, you’ll need to raise up the cabinets by 3-4″ to get them to the right height for sitting. What isn’t beyond our skill set? Ours comes in at less than $200.

Here’s a quick update on one of the projects we’ve recently completed in our California Cottage.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

She came to visit and made our cushion. This is the perfect DIY window seat.

It actually looked like this for several months, until we completed the painting in our family room, and got those pieces of wood painted to match the rest of the window seat. I bet we could get some old cabinets for free or cheap on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Install your cabinet doors then rip down your 1x6 board to the height of your toe kick space underneath and cut a piece as wide as the base of your seat. You’ll want to center your cabinets, so take the gap and divide by 2 to get the size of spacer trim you’ll need to install on each side. Make a Hidden TV Cabinet with Mirrors (Inspired by Joanna Gaines & Pottery Barn), How to Make a DIY Wall-to-Wall Ikea Built in Bookcase (A Billy Bookshelf Hack), Faux Brick Backed Bookshelf: An IKEA Hack How to, 20+ Tasty Last-Minute Instant Pot Frozen Chicken Recipes, Our DIY Chalkboard Paint Fridge (a Black Smeg Knockoff), Reveal Time!

I love this windowseat – thanks for sharing! I now have all of my fine china and a bunch of my crafting supplies hidden away but easily accessible.

Joyful Derivatives » DIY Home Improvement. Build a rectangle out of your 2x4s that is as wide as you want your window seat to be, and 20″ deep. My daughter absolutely loooooooves her window seat.

No Space for a Mudroom? It needed a seat (well, duh. The majority of the MDF seat panel will sit on the MALM cabinets, but you’ll still need a level support along the wall and a bridge piece between the cabinets to make it strong.

We planned to store games underneath our window seat, and I was a bit worried that behind the cupboard doors, those shelves would always be a mess. Here’s how we built in mudroom storage in a TINY space!

We actually find built-ins to be easier than free standing furniture – and you've tackled that!

Holy Cow!

With our method shown below, the IKEA cabinets are 15″ tall, so we added 3.5″ (1×4 on edge) underneath to get to the 18.5″.

Thanks for making them so thorough. The IKEA cabinets are 24″ deep, so they will overhang the support on the front by 4″ creating a toe kick.


Minimalism and clutter free living are so much easier when you can hide toys in a kid’s room. They need to be perfectly square and engineered just right to make them actually work. I’ve been a mother for 15 years, I know the truth about cushions! So far, most of what you’ve been working on has been behind-the-scenes stuff that gets hidden. Along with adding trim and doors, we replaced the regular backing with beadboard stained to a dark mahogany. This simple, step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process of building a window seat from scratch using pre-made IKEA cabinets in just a few hours! And the drawers definitely had me at hello. That was quite an undertaking, but you really hit all the details.

Home » Saving Money » How to DIY a Simple Built-in IKEA Window Seat (an IKEA Hack!). But be sure you’re making your window seat a width that can be achieved using the 30″ or 36″ dimensions of the cabinets. Back when we’d been using that end of the family room for an eating space, I’d considered how useful it would be to install banquette style seating along that back wall. And we love the way the sunshine comes in from the window and warms the seat, making it a perfect spot for a catnap on a chilly day! What little girl doesn’t dream of a window seat? You can then either add the Iron-on Veneer Edge (a terrible task even with the right tools – Robin did it and I love her for that), or cut some half-round, paint it and nail it in place.

Then shelf back is made from a piece of thin MDF, painted white and notched in a few key spots to fit.

Next, you’ll want to install some pretty floor trim underneath your toe-kick area. Go for it!

Check back or subcribe to make sure you don't miss it. Once the spacer trim is installed, go back and screw all your cabinets together, and to the base support. I love this. Add another piece of 2″x3″ for the bottom shelf to rest on. Seriously, did functional storage ever look so good?!

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I’d encourage you to take some time to think through these dimensions based on your space before you get started on your window seat DIY project.

Below is how the family room looked the first time we walked through.

And even if we never used it as banquette seating, I’d always wanted to own a home with a window seat. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to …

It's 27.5 inches deep.

I'm aiming to share the cushion turorial soon – in the next few days! Then, install the cabinet doors. Back in 2013, when we purchased this home, the former homeowners were using this corner as an informal dining area. Love this tutorial and your decorating is so great!

This created a better set up for forcing our air out from under the base of the seat.

There’s a more formal dining area in the front room, but this is the spot closest to the kitchen where there was room for a table that would seat more than 1.75 persons or be directly in front of an exterior door. Stuffing the foam into the cover was ridiculously aerobic, but the result was worth it! If there's any gap between the edge of the cabinets and the overall width of your seat, cut spacers from your 1x3 to install between the cabinets or on the ends to accommodate. It doesn’t need to fit tight to the sidewalls (the seat cushion will hide the gap) – leave yourself some wiggle room. I’ll provide more info on those another time, but here’s a sneak peak. Before we get to the actual building, I want to talk about the standard dimensions or sizes of a window seat bench with an upholstered cushion. It’s behind our couch, which kind of creates a neat little separate seating area back there. I’m not too familiar with radiators – are you talking about one of the large ones or a small baseboard heater that runs along the base trim? We may earn a commission on purchases made after clicking links on this page. You could use cheaper foam, but I wanted this window seat to be comfortable enough that we could sleep on it if we wanted to. You’ve been warned.

. Cut a length of MDF for the front edge/ kickplate. That’s a good question!

IKEA bench seat with lots of storage.

Spray your plywood with the adhesive and place the foam on top. I mean, if it’s going to be a spot you sit on to relax, you want it to be cozy! Jules March 6, 2015. It was only after we had our helpful Ikea kitchen designer place the order to the warehouse for our cabinets that we wandered through the bedroom closet section at Ikea and spotted the Stolmen closet system. It was easy enough that a mom and three kids could put them together….but not easy enough that the mom could stop and take pictures of the process. You can find sources for all the items in this dining room here.